Attack on Titan: 5 harsh realities of being an Ackerman (and 5 perks)

The Ackerman clan remains one of the most mysterious bloodlines in Attack On Titan. There are very few members that fans can see. Kenny, Levi, and Mikasa have grappled with the positives and negatives that come with being an Ackerman.

The Ackermans are known for their superhuman abilities, but little is known of all the hardships the clan had to go through to get to where it is now. The pain and suffering of their ancestors remain a heavy burden for the current generation.

10 The Stark Reality: The Ackermans’ Story Has Been Erased

The Ackerman Clan swore to secrecy and was not allowed to speak of the Eldian Empire’s past. The existence of the clan itself was also lost throughout history, as no mention of its name can be found in any public document.

The current generation of Ackerman knows little about themselves or their origins. Its existence is only found in stories and legends told by the Royal Family.

9 Hanger: The clan has an improved battle IQattack on titan 5 duras realidades de ser un ackerman y 5 ventajas 1

Thinking fast can make the difference between life and death in the universe of Attack On Titan. Intelligence plays a key role when it comes to engaging in combat against the Titans. The Ackermans are not only capable of fighting the Titans with sheer strength, but they are also in charge of creating and executing battle strategies.

These skills provide them with great leadership skills because they are capable of leading by example. When the other members of the Inspection Corps see them plan the various outcomes of the battle, it gives them a sense of peace because they believe they will live to see another day.

8 harsh reality: they were forced to serve the royal familyattack on titan 5 duras realidades de ser un ackerman y 5 ventajas 2

The Eldian Empire conducted experiments that led to the accidental creation of the Ackerman lineage. They were researching the science of the Titans, which led to the clan’s existence. Upon completing their investigation, they were forced to protect the Eldian King. A lot of pressure was put on them for humanity to survive beyond the age of the Titans.

Kenny Ackerman had a close relationship with the Royal Family and began working for Uri Reiss, who was the King at one point. Although this seems positive, Kenny planned to betray the Royal Family when he found out that they were using him for his strength as Ackerman.

7 Advantage: They can’t become Titansattack on titan 5 duras realidades de ser un ackerman y 5 ventajas 3

The pureblood Eldians are the only race capable of becoming changeable titans. Mikasa and Levi are half Ackerman, so they are immune to the powers of the Founding Titan. Members of the Asian clan are also not Ymir’s subjects, so Mikasa, who is half Ackerman and half Asian, cannot inherit a Titan.

They don’t have to deal with a shortened life span or worry about being controlled by the incumbent Founding Titan. The Ackermans are made to protect humanity from the Titans and it wouldn’t make sense for them to have to endure the fate of becoming a Titan.

6 The harsh reality: They were hunted hardattack on titan 5 duras realidades de ser un ackerman y 5 ventajas 4

Following the collapse of the Royal Family and the Eldian Empire, the Ackerman Clan was hunted to near extinction. They fled for safety within the walls, but since the King could not control them, he decided that it would be better to kill them all. The King was afraid that the Ackermans would overthrow him and decided that eradicating his lineage was the only way to protect the Eldians.

Out of fear of being decimated and to protect their children, the Ackermans took a vow of silence never to speak of their clan’s existence. The combination of hunting and voting is what effectively eradicated the Ackerman clan.

5 Perk: Ackermans have superhuman strengthattack on titan 5 duras realidades de ser un ackerman y 5 ventajas 5

The experiments that led to the creation of their clan gave them many enhanced abilities, such as superhuman strength. Kenny is known as The Ripper for being a cold-blooded killer. He uses his strength to kill other people, allowing him to survive. Mikasa can fight and kill a group of Titans on her own and Levi is known as humanity’s strongest soldier.

They were created to resist the attacks of the Titans and protect humanity. They are innate warriors bred to fight, proving that they are destined to be fighters who surpass both the average person and the average Titan.

4 The harsh reality: His powers awaken through traumaattack on titan 5 duras realidades de ser un ackerman y 5 ventajas 6

To gain the abilities of the Ackermans, each member of the clan must experience severe trauma to awaken their dormant powers. Mikasa awakened her powers to protect Eren and herself. The murder of his parents was the moment that changed his life forever. Mikasa’s abilities were activated when Eren told her to fight, allowing her to take on the criminals in her house.

Awakening is determined by the fight or flight mode. Their instincts allow them to strengthen themselves, but not without suffering first. If an Ackerman never experiences mental trauma, he will not be able to acquire any skills. Pain and suffering leave the Ackermans with a past that will affect them forever.

3 Perch: His abilities include improved speed and agilityattack on titan 5 duras realidades de ser un ackerman y 5 ventajas 7

The Ackermans are not only strong, but also fast. Its speed and agility surpass that of the average Titan. Levi’s quick reaction capacity helped him take down a Titan as a child. These abilities are also evident when Mikasa, Kenny, and Levi use ODM gear throughout the series. His abilities are unmatched by those of a normal person.

Levi has also been said to be faster than the Jawbone Titan. Your ability to maintain speed and remain agile at all times is a tool to help you stay alive.

2 The harsh reality: An Ackerman has to die to pass his powers on to the next generationattack on titan 5 duras realidades de ser un ackerman y 5 ventajas 8

In the Royal Government arc, Kenny explains that the powers of the Ackermans are also inherited. For abilities to pass from generation to generation, a previous heir must die. As in the case of the Changing Titans, their awakening hinges on the loss of someone close, such as the murder of Mikasa’s parents or the death of Levi’s mother.

The clan’s memories and abilities are also linked to those of others, which can only be passed on with death. If there is no loss of life, the powers will not be passed on to the next generation of Ackerman.

1 Advantage: Ackermans cannot have their memory alteredattack on titan 5 duras realidades de ser un ackerman y 5 ventajas 9

The existence of the Ackerman Clan stems from the alteration of the Eldian bloodline at the genetic level. The experiments created a group of people who no longer had any ties to the Founding Titan. The Ackermans cannot have their memory erased or changed in any way, allowing them to perceive the world as it should be seen. Thus, your judgment and your actions are not predetermined by an outside force.

They can think and act with their own willpower and autonomy. They are free to act as they see fit without having to worry that the Founding Titan is controlling their memories behind the scenes.