Attack on Titan: 7 most beautiful things Eren Jaeger has ever done

The popularity of the anime Attack on Titan keeps increasing. Fans of this production greatly appreciate Eren Jaeger, the main character of the animated series. Here are the 5 most beautiful thingsThey were
ever did.

Eren saves Mikasa from the kidnappers

Fans of the animated series know full well thatThey were
cares deeply about Mikasa, his friend. Besides, the main character of the anime has already saved him by killing two adult men. He risked his life to save her. It was a breathtaking scene.

WhatThey were showed deep affection for
Mikasa and his compassionate side.

He loses a limb while saving Armin

In the animated series, They were does everything to save his friends, including Armin. While the city is attacked by the Titan, the two friends do everything to protect the population.

In a very courageous act, They were threw himself in the path of a Titan attacking his friend Armin and loses his arm. Again, the act shows the bravery ofThey were and his kindness.

Eren uses Titan serum to save his friends

During the animated series, Eren Jaeger

saved a lot of his friends. Fans remember the underground scenes with the family very well Reiss, where he got trapped with his friends when the ceiling began to crumble. Friends have been lost, it seems. To save the group, Jaeger came up with the idea of ​​consuming Titan’s serum.

He cooperates with his captors

Do you remember the dramatic scenes from
Toast ? After these events, They were woke up under the care of the scouts in a dark room. Considering that he just saved the district, there is no point in treating him like that.

Despite this, the main character of the anime did not hesitate to cooperate with his captors. He gave them all the data.

Experiences of hardening

Several times throughout the anime, Eren used his abilities to save his friends, the civilians and therefore the city. Fans of the series do not understand the virtues these experiences bring him.

As part of the plan Hange aiming to set up a defense against the attacks of Titan, the group sought the hardening experiments ofThey were. The hero is subjected to a very difficult experimentation. But given her physical abilities, she did it with ease.

He defended Mikasa at trial

Truth be told, a large number of fans forgot the scene where They were defended Mikasa At the trial. They didn’t even understand it. But if we do a little comeback to remember the act, the character’s words during the trial were heroic, which once again shows his courage and kindness.

« Wait ! I might be a monster, but she has nothing to do with it! “, indicates They were during the trial.

Summoning of any Titan

During the animated series, They were did a very symbolic act. In fact, the hero of the anime risked everything to face the Titan, when he did not have his powers. His invocation was unexpected by Mikasa, his friends and civilians.

The act shows, once again, the courage of the main character. This time, They were faced the Pure Titans and fans of the anime know full well that they are ruthless.

Before this magnificent scene, Mikasa referred to when his friend They were He had already saved him and gave him the iconic scarf.

Have you ever seen the animated series? Otherwise, YubiGeek highly recommend it to you. The anime is beautiful!