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The feelings of the characters in “” (“Shingeki no Kyojin”) episode 77 are as relevant to the development of the story as the actions that take place in it; maybe even more. Because it is these feelings that have the potential to change the course of events.

Then SPOILERS of “Attack on Titan” 4×18, “Stealth Attack”:

The plot

The Titans Armor (Reiner) and Jaw (Porco) continue in the fight to devour Eren and thus obtain the power of the Founding Titan, for which they have the support of troops from heaven and earth from Marley. However, the situation changes with the appearance of the Beast Titan (Zeke), who, armed with rocks, changes the balance of the fight in favor of the Yaegers. Given this, Marley changes her goal: to prevent Eren and Zeke from touching each other, because they do not know what could happen if they both activate the founding titan’s power.

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Mikasa, Armin, and the rest of the Survey Corps break out of the prison and forge an alliance with the Yaegers not to defeat Marley, but to remove Eren from the battlefield. For his part, Falco joins the group of his brother Colt and Gabi, and they set out to convince Zeke not to turn the Eldia soldiers who drank contaminated liquor into titans. They believe that by telling him that Falco also drank the liquid, they will stop the warrior’s hand. Finally, Zeke is seriously injured in the back of the head and the chances of him screaming, as a way to summon help, increase.

Eren Yeager in his complicated fight against Reiner.  Photo: Crunchyroll.
Eren Yeager in his complicated fight against Reiner. Photo: Crunchyroll.


Before the impressive action scenes, it is the cunning of the soldiers without powers, represented in three tricks, that moves the episode. First, Armin Arlert, to avoid fighting the Yaegers, assures Yelena that he and his colleagues will rescue Eren, who despite the support of the newcomer Zeke is in trouble. Thus, Armin makes sure to reduce conflicts: it is possible to face Marley and her titans, but adding to these the power of Eren’s followers is too much.

The second lie involves Nile, one of the many Eldia soldiers who drank Zeke’s spinal fluid. He frees Falco and hands him over to his brother Colt and Gabi, who are nearby. In order not to attract the attention of his companions, Nile assures that he will put the “prisoner” in a safe place.

A third lie, while not critical now, does sow possibilities: that Mikasa put aside the scarf that Eren gave her is an act of rebellion against her “programming” Ackerman. But it is not a total rebellion in which Mikasa is finally freed from Eren’s influence. Abandoning lifelong friends, however wrong they may be, is not easy for her or Armin, who still hope to lead Eren on the right path; one that doesn’t involve sterilizing the Eldians to prevent the Titans from continuing to exist.

The other pivotal moment in the episode revolves around Gabi, who is confronted by two opposing ideas: on the one hand, she clearly hears Kaya’s contempt, whom she hates for killing Sasha; and on the other Falco confesses his love to her. In the midst of these contradictory ideas, Sasha decides to fight, not to destroy the inhabitants of Paradis that she considered demons for so long, but to defend those she holds dear, like Falco, whose black band is ripped off his arm; a symbol that his days are numbered if Zeke executes his “shout.” Thus, Gabi rebels against what is established by the powerful.

The highlight of the episode is also the product of another hoax, one involving Marley’s General Theo Magath alongside Pieck, the Carrera Titan. They pretend that the warrior died, but in reality she just left the body of her titan and, while it was still in the process of dissolving, the soldier shot at the Beast Titan. It is the “sneak attack” that gives the episode its name.

The story is heading in “Attack on Titan” 77, but not in a dramatic way. Dense in plot, it is more of an episode that puts the pieces together before the final conflict that manga readers know is closer than ever.

Foto: Crunchyroll.
Foto: Crunchyroll.


3.5 stars out of 5


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