Attack On Titan: 9 Things You Need To Know About The Nine Titans

At the beginning of Attack on Titan, both the characters and the fans believed that the Titans were the main threats of the manga series. Most of these titans were Eldenses who were injected with a serum that transformed them into predators of humanity. Most of these titans acted the same, being known as “normal titans”, but there were others who acted differently, being known as “abnormal titans”.

However, compared to the Nine Titans, these “normal” and “abnormal” titans pose little threat. Throughout the series, the Nine Titans are introduced little by little, and some of the main characters even acquire the powers of the Nine Titans. Here are nine things you need to know about them.

9 They all come from Ymir Fritz

All Nine Titans, as well as “normal” and “abnormal” Titans come from Ymir Fritz. Being chased by the followers of her future husband, she fell into a tree, where she connected with the Source of All Living Matter, turning her into the first titan. Seeing how powerful she became, Fritz married her, and they both had three daughters. When Ymir Fritz died, her children ate her, gaining her abilities. Ymir’s descendants would continue to eat each other to pass on their powers for centuries.

8 They are not balanced in strengthattack on titan 9 cosas que debes saber sobre los nueve titanes 1

Although the Nine Titans are the most powerful beings in the Attack universe on Titan, they are not as strong. The Attack Titan, the Colossal, and the Warhammer are great fighters, so some of the other Nine Titans would have no chance against them, such as the Chariot Titan and some heirs to the Beast Titan.

The Jaw Titan is very fast and the Armored Titan is practically a shield, so while they could fight back, they are more defensive than offensive. The Female Titan has the unique ability to obtain the powers of others, which made her stronger over time. However, the most powerful of them is the Founding Titan, who could easily kill the other eight as he has the power to control them.

7 Shifting Titans can only live for thirteen years after inheriting one of the Nine Titansattack on titan 9 cosas que debes saber sobre los nueve titanes 2

After inheriting one of the Nine Titans, a person has only thirteen years to live. When their time is up, they will die and their power will be given to a newborn Eldian if they have not been eaten by one before their death. The reason for this is that Ymir Fritz sacrificed her life to save her husband when one of his enemies tried to assassinate him. No Eldian or Titan can be stronger than Ymir Fritz, and this is considered by many to be the “Curse of Ymir.”

6 They lose recent memories when they first inherit a Titanattack on titan 9 cosas que debes saber sobre los nueve titanes 3

Eating someone and gaining their powers may seem like a memorable experience, but Titan Changers really lose their memories of what happened. This was first seen in the series when Eren ate Grisha. He knew he was close to his father, but he couldn’t remember much of their final interaction and would have even thought it was a dream if he hadn’t obtained the key to his basement.

This has happened many other times as well, such as when Armin needed an explanation of everything that happened after inheriting the Colossal Titan, not knowing that he was about to die and ate Bertholdt.

5 Titan Shifters Could Gain Memories Of Previous Heirsattack on titan 9 cosas que debes saber sobre los nueve titanes 4

Even though they may not remember becoming ever-changing Titans, the heirs of the Nine Titans will acquire the memories of those who preceded them. However, instead of acquiring them all at once, they will gradually remember the things that happened to the heir who preceded them first, followed by the one who preceded them.

This also causes the Shifting Titans’ behaviors to change slightly, such as when Armin visited Annie more after eating Bertholdt. The fastest a Shifting Titan received the memories of his predecessors was when Porco became the Jaw Titan. Despite being only a few years old, he was able to remember things that happened to the two heirs before him.

4 They were used by the Elders to kill people for centuriesattack on titan 9 cosas que debes saber sobre los nueve titanes 5

Fritz was obsessed with being powerful, so he married Ymir and made her children eat her, allowing his people to remain in power after his death. The Eldians did exactly what he wanted for hundreds of years, terrorizing and killing other races. The things these Eldians did to those they didn’t kill were despicable, torturing anyone who was weaker than them in order to rule them.

3 Marley took seven of them during the Great War of the Titansattack on titan 9 cosas que debes saber sobre los nueve titanes 6

When Karl Fritz inherited the Founding Titan, he betrayed his ancestors, feeling terrible for all the damage they caused. He, along with the Tybur family, started the Great War of the Titans. During this war, the families of the Attack Titans, Colossal, Armored, Female, Beast, Chariot, and Jaw fought each other, allowing the Marleyans to become more powerful than themselves.

As the Tyburs were viewed as heroes by everyone, they were able to keep the Titan Warhammer. Meanwhile, Karl used the Founding Titan to bring a host of Eldians to Paradis and used Colossal Titans to create the ramparts that surround his peaceful island.

2 Some heirs could speak when using their Titans while others could not.attack on titan 9 cosas que debes saber sobre los nueve titanes 7

One of the strangest things about Titans is that some of them are able to speak. Some of the Nine Titans also have this ability. While the Beast, Chariot, Jaw, and Warhammer Titans could speak, the Attack Titans, Female, Colossal, and Dreadnought could not. The Founding Titan had the power to speak to other Eldians telepathically, but could not speak to other races.

1 A person can inherit more than one Titanattack on titan 9 cosas que debes saber sobre los nueve titanes 8

Although no Eldian can be more powerful than Ymir Fritz, they can be as strong as her. If one Titan Shifter inherits the powers of another, he can use both Titans. The person who gained the most powers was Eren, who ate Grisha to inherit the Attack Titans and Founders, and obtained the Warhammer Titan by eating Lara. He could have eaten the other six titans as well if he wanted to.