Attack on Titan: a 3rd part announced for the Final Season, with a very distant release period

Today is Sunday, April 3, 2022, while Japan has already moved to Monday, 4, and it is therefore on this day that the 12th and last episode of Attack on Titan Season Finale Part 2. Whether you have already read the manga or are just following theanimeyou suspected that it was impossible to conclude the story with these 25 minutes, but the mystery remained total as to the plans of MAPPA and rights holders of the license to offer the end of the story on our screens. The answer came following the Japanese broadcast, which was as satisfying as it was frustrating for fans.

Attack on Titan Season Finale Part 3 02 03 04 2022

Fortunately, volumes 33 and 34, grouping chapters 131 to 139, will not result in a feature film, which would have been restrictive to enjoy it at the same time as our friends from the land of the Rising Sun. Yes, it is well and good a 3rd part of this Final Season that we can discover via the usual streaming services and which will be broadcast on the NHK in Japan from 2023 ! And that’s where it hurts, since we’ll have to wait until next year, without further details, to find out whether or not the former members of the Exploration Battalion and their allies from Mahr will manage to stop the Large Earthworks.

Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season as a reminder, began its broadcast in the summer of 2020 with its first part and the manga ended in April 2021, so it’s starting to get long for the anime-only, not to mention the fact that the term final season was very badly chosen. The hype to see these final events of the work come to life on our screens should still remain present. A short teaser showing nothing but the protagonist group in the imprint of a wall titan was shared for the occasion, as well as an illustration which also features in its center Eren Jäger.

If you don’t want to wait almost a year or more to discover Attack on Titan Season Finale Part 3manga published by pika are on sale at Fnac at the price of €6.95 each (volumes 33 and 34).

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