Attack on Titan: a Japanese park creates an attraction dedicated to the series

The Universal Studios Japan amusement park has decided to highlight anime. Thus, it is an attraction dedicated to the Attack of the Titans which was born.

Located near Osaka, the Universal Studios Japan amusement park has decided to move into a new dimension, as reported hitek. So far, the attractions on offer have been much the same as those found in Orlando at Universal Studio Florida. A pleasant proposal, but which perhaps did not necessarily correspond to the demands of the Japanese public. Thus, new attractions dedicated to manga and anime have gradually emerged.

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The attack of the Titans : an impressive attraction

It is therefore only natural that the park decided to open an attraction dedicated to The attack of the Titans. Presented in a video published on the occasion of Universal Cool Japan, the attraction seems simply impressive. Equipped with a VR headset, we find ourselves projected into a cart crossing what seems to be a village on the outskirts of the Maria wall. In this virtual reality, we find ourselves alongside Levi, Armin, Mikasa or Sasha, the cart twirling through the titans attacking the village.

The park has also announced that the attraction Attack on Titan XR Ride wouldn’t be the only novelty related to anime. Hunter x Hunter, Sailor Moon or Detective Conan will also be entitled to their own attractions. Experiences that also put our different senses to the test, using augmented reality and 4D. It remains to be seen whether the attraction lets us take possession of an Eren-style titan. We must admit that the idea seems attractive.

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