Attack on Titan: A look back at the different editions available!

The Attack on Titan series has been talked about a lot in recent years. Whether through a quality anime or its talent-packed paper version, Eren’s adventures have generated a lot of interest. But do you know all the editions published in France?

The attack of the Titans

The attack of the Titans is a series by Isayama Hajime completed in 34 volumes. The first volume was released in 2009 in Japan, by Kodansha. In France, volume 1 was released in 2013 by pika edition.

“The world now belongs to the Titans, gigantic beings who have almost decimated Humanity. A hundred years ago, the last survivors built a stronghold, a city surrounded by a high wall within which their descendants live today. Parked in, ignorant of the outside world, they consider themselves at least safe from these terrible beings who would make short work of them. Alas, this illusion of security is shattered the day a disproportionate Titan appears, even more colossal than all the others. Then begins a desperate fight for the survival of the human race… “Pika edition

Simple Volume Editing

The attack of the Titans

The first edition of The attack of the Titans was published by Pika Edition in 2013. The 34 volumes are available at the price of 6.95€. We remind you that volume 34 was published on October 13, 2021. A discovery pack including the first two volumes is also on sale.

Double Volume Edition


Published by France Loisir in 2015, this edition includes two volumes each time. Currently, the first 22 volumes are available. However, the last volumes came out in 2018 and no date has been announced for the next releases.

The Colossal Edition

colossal edition

This reissue signed Pika Edition brings together three volumes in a single work. Started in 2015, the first 33 volumes are currently available. The final volume will be released on March 09, 2022. This last volume will include not only volume 34 but also exclusive bonuses: “the storyboards of the two pilot chapters of the series (the famous “beginning” chapters present in the limited edition of volume 34 of The attack of the Titans), the entire guide Attack on Titan – Charactersthe crossover comics Attack on Avengers all in color, a gallery of illustrations including tributes from great artists and unpublished drawings by Hajime Isayama! »

A box containing the first 11 volumes will also be published on March 09 next.

Limited editions


Like any good self-respecting series, The attack of the Titans has limited edition volumes.

Are concerned :

  • the volume 17 (contains an exclusive 54-card deck)
  • the volume 21 (contains an alternative cover as well as a set of 52 postcards)
  • the volume 23 (contains 9 bookmarks)
  • the volume 24 (contains 6 exclusive badges)
  • the volume 26 (contains a reversible jacket and a set of 7 exclusive coasters with the effigy of the main characters of the series)
  • the volume 27 (contains a reversible jacket and a set of 6 exclusive badges with the image of 6 Titans)
  • the volume 28 (contains a reversible jacket and a stand/strap by Livaï exclusive for France)
  • the volume 29 (contains a 2020 calendar)
  • the volume 31 (contains an exclusive reversible jacket and exploration battalion iron-on patch)
  • the volume 33 (contains a reversible jacket with a unique visual as well as 6 colossal badges: the members of the exploration battalion in the sauna)
  • the volume 34 (contains a reversible dust jacket, with logo embellished with a silver marking for the face of the limited edition, a booklet with dust jacket of 96 pages including the storyboards of chapters 1 & 2 of the series in black & white, as in the “Beginning” collector’s edition of the Japanese edition of volume 34, 2 color postcards, a black & white ex-libris adorned with an exclusive drawing by Hajime Isayama produced for Bessatsu Shônen Magazine.


Four fanbooks are currently available in France. All are published by Pika Edition.

  • Attack on Titan – Inside

the attack of the Titans

In this fanbook published in 2014, find the complete guide to the 78 characters involved in the war against the Titans. A timeline tracing all the events in the world of The attack of the Titans is also available. Plus, relive the most memorable fights and scenes. Also discover behind the scenes of the series through an interview with the author. A special file on the anime’s voice actors and director is also included. Finally, immerse yourself in the almanac retracing the invasion of the Titans.

  • Attack on Titan – Outside

the attack of the Titans

Available since February 18, 2015, this book contains the 54 pages of the first draft of the series. Also find out which works and people inspired Hajime Isayama. Do you also want to learn more about military organizations? Take advantage of the Army’s white paper which contains a complete analysis. Many illustrations, including those used as models for the anime and that of “what if…” are included. You also have the option of making the Colossal Titan out of paper yourself.

  • Attack on Titan – Answers

the attack of the Titans

Available since November 15, 2017, this book answers the questions you have always asked yourself about the series. Indeed, the author answers the questions through an interview and an analysis of the characters. A FAQ is also available.

  • Attack on Titan – Characters

the attack of the Titans

This fanbook, published on January 02, 2022, is the latest. It contains no less than 192 pages and lists more than 300 characters. From members of the Survey Corps to Anonymous Citizens, discover new information about your favorite characters! An unpublished interview with Hajime Isayama after the publication of the last chapter of The attack of the Titans is also included.

The boxes


Currently, two sets are available. The first includes the first four volumes of the series. The second includes volumes five to eight. Finally, the next box will arrive on the market on March 09, 2022. Again, these boxes are offered by Pika Edition.

attack on titan anthology

attack on titan anthology

Available from Pika edition since October 11, 2017, this book contains a collection of unpublished stories based on The attack of the Titansby big names in comics.

Which editions of the saga do you have or do you plan to acquire?