Attack On Titan Acknowledges Zack Snyder’s Influence On Season 4

The attack of the Titans has certainly earned its reputation as a brutal franchise, with Ymir’s story being a prime example of how dark the series Hajime Isayama created when it wants to be. As Studio MAPPA continues to work on the final season of the TV season, the director of the fourth season has shocked fans by admitting that a certain Zack Snyder movie helped tell the story of the girl who has it all. started so many years ago in the world of the scout regiment.

In a new interview, director Yuichiro Hayashi went into detail about the disturbing life of Ymir, the young girl who would be the first to wield the powers of the Titans. Hayashi describes the effect MAPPA was looking to instill in this devastating flashback sequence while listening to Zack Snyder’s visuals. 300 in order to do this:

“I struggled a lot with what to do with the visuals of this scene. I didn’t want to make it an ordinary flashback. I wanted her look to be more striking. The figures look darker because they are all backlit, while the sky is brighter. We wanted it to look like some footage from the 300 movie. It looks a bit like a bleach bypass. It created an amazing atmosphere. I thought ordinary blue skies wouldn’t suit this scene. We needed a world with a tense and disturbing atmosphere to show that something unusual is happening.”

If you want to watch the entire interview in its entirety, the Pony Canyon Youtube channel shared the informative discussion:

If you are unfamiliar with 300it first appeared as a graphic novel by legendary creator Frank Miller, who had made a name for himself with comics such as Daredevil and the return of the dark knight. The film landed in 2006 and helped put Zack Snyder on the map with his unique directing style, which ultimately gave him the opportunity to delve into the DC Cinematic Universe with the likes of Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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