Attack On Titan Actor Recovers From COVID

Like so many other productions in the entertainment medium, the anime world has not been exempt from dealing with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, with The attack of the Titans recently having one of its biggest stars contract COVID-19 and taking the necessary precautions. Voice actor Kisho Taniyama, the actor who brings Jean from the Scout Regiment to life, had recently contracted the coronavirus, but according to his talent agency, Ken Pro, the actor has recovered and returned to work, as the franchise d Hajime Isayama’s dark spirit anime is nearing its end.

John of The attack of the Titans is far from the only character Kisho Taniyama has brought to life, with the voice actor playing Nezu from Pokemon, Garashi from Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsKinzo’s blue exorcistEnd of my hero academiaand Yuya from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to name a few. One of the biggest upcoming roles that Taniyama is taking on is as Dark Schneider in the upcoming Netflix original anime reboot. Bastard!!, with the original series considered one of the most brutal of the generation of manga series that dropped in the 1980s, which received an anime adaptation in the 1990s.

Taniyama’s talent agency, Ken Production, has shared the good news that the voice of Jean from Aattack titan had recovered from COVID-19 and returned to work, as the dark anime adaptation only has a few episodes left before the end of the second half of season four:

Just like so many other members of the Scout Regiment during this final story, Jean finds herself in a situation that is going to require a lot of thinking. With Eren Jaeger taking the power of the Founding Titan for himself and unleashing hundreds of colossal Titans upon the world to wipe out anyone who isn’t a child of Ymir, Jean must now decide if he will take this opportunity to live a life quiet as a hero of the Survey Corps, or whether he’s risking it all to save a world that has shown him and his people nothing but hate.

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