Attack On Titan: All main heroes, ranked by height

The SerieAttack on Titan is best known for the height contrast between heroes and villains. Whether taking down mindless monstrosities or the viciously intelligent changelings dispatched by the Marley estate, the scouts have no shortage of enemies to defeat.

It may come as a surprise that there is a huge disparity in height within the heroes’ own ranks. By listing their measurements and ranking them from shortest to tallest, we better understand characters who stand out despite – or because of – their heights.

10 Christa Lenz / Historia Reiss es 4’7

Historia is the lowest adult member of the cast, both among heroes and villains. At a low 1.70, his height has been frequently commented on by fans and superiors.

However, he has proven his worth through his heroism and his willingness to reclaim his identity by taking over his father’s throne. With Ymir’s encouragement, Historia has realized her potential as the rightful queen of Paradis and one of the few remaining Eldians with royal blood. This makes her an exceptionally dangerous threat to Marley when paired with Eren’s Founding Titan.

9 Levi Ackerman is 1.70 meters tallattack on titan todos los heroes principales clasificados por altura 1

Levi’s stature has frequently been the subject of jokes from peers and enemies. Kenny Ackerman especially enjoyed commenting on it, often referring to Captain Scout as a “dwarf” throughout the Rod Reiss arc.

However, Levi’s shorter stature is not entirely due to his genetics. Growing up malnourished in the underworld of Paradis, his growth was stunted until his uncle took him in. Fortunately, this has not impeded his fighting ability. On the contrary, it could be said that he has empowered her when he has fought against bigger opponents (such as the Beast and the Jaw Titans).

8 Armin Arlelt is 1.70 meters tallattack on titan todos los heroes principales clasificados por altura 2

At five feet tall, Armin’s diminutive stature and pacifist attitude made him the target of harassment throughout his youth. Fortunately, he attracted the attention of Eren and Mikasa, who served as makeshift guardians and close friends ever since.

Despite lacking the physical prowess of many other Titan Shifters, Armin was a great asset to the Explorers. His tactical mind helped reveal the Warriors’ secret identities and defeat them during the battle for Paradis. Furthermore, he was such a skilled diplomat that he managed to lure Annie into a trap, which in turn forced her to reveal her identity as a Female Titan.

7 Hange Zoe mide 1,70 metrosattack on titan todos los heroes principales clasificados por altura 3

The clever and resourceful Hange Zoe was 1.5 meters tall. Although he was not particularly older than the rest of the cast, he enjoyed teasing Levi for his height and, above all, for how he contrasted with his serious demeanor.

Although Hange rarely participated directly in the scout missions, they were of great value to Paradis’s recovery. For example, the creation of the thunder spears helped bring down Reiner during the second battle for Shiganshina and even saved Eren from being killed by Lara Tybur in Liberio. Erwin therefore saw fit to appoint Hange as the next scout commander.

6 Sasha Braus mide 1,70attack on titan todos los heroes principales clasificados por altura 4

Sasha was a sturdy outfield man and talented archer, and his athletic prowess was remarkable. She was five feet tall, making her one of the most recognizable members of the ranks of scouts.

Throughout the series, Sasha’s exceptional abilities have helped the cause of heroes time and time again. His endless stamina allowed him to deliver messages safely, and he was even skilled enough on horseback to outmaneuver a freak Pure Titan. Sasha’s death at Gabi’s hands could have been prevented if she had been more prepared to face it.

5 Mikasa Ackerman is 1.70 meters tallattack on titan todos los heroes principales clasificados por altura 5

At five feet, Mikasa was the tallest hero in the series. In addition to her superb skills as a warrior, her Ackerman bloodline provided her with bursts of strength that could sometimes mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Mikasa’s stature is accentuated by her physical strength. In addition to carrying many more thunder spears than Levi, he could also carry massive steel beams on his shoulder with no problem. Furthermore, he was agile enough to distract Lara Tybur for several minutes while Eren identified and exploited the weakness of his Titan-scrolling ability.

4 Connie Springer mide 1,70 m.attack on titan todos los heroes principales clasificados por altura 6

At first, Connie was one of the shortest members of the Scouts. However, after hitting his stretch in the time jump, he grew to a formidable 1.70.

Unfortunately, he has not grown personally as much as physically. Throughout the series, Connie hasn’t accomplished a single major feat on Paradis’s behalf. On the contrary, he almost got Armin to die trying to feed Falco with his mother to restore him to his human form. He also had to be saved by Sasha during the attack on Rod Reiss’s bunker.

3 Eren Jaeger mide 1,80 metrosattack on titan todos los heroes principales clasificados por altura 7

Like Connie, Eren was relatively small when he started Attack the titans. After the timeskip, he underwent an important physical and personal transformation, entering adulthood with an approximate height of 1.80 meters. In his Attack Titan state, he stands a towering fifty feet (making him slightly taller than the Female Titan and shorter than the Beast Titan).

The effects of puberty had strategic value for Eren, as they made him more difficult for Warriors to recognize. Even Reiner, who had spent a great deal of time training alongside him, took a moment to realize who he was after Falco arranged their match at random.

2 Commander Erwin is 1.80 m tall.attack on titan todos los heroes principales clasificados por altura 8

Commander Erwin was distinguished by his uncanny ability to be seen. Everything about his demeanor contributed to his charisma, whether it was his handsome features, his booming voice, or his commanding stature.

At 1.90 meters, he is the second tallest human hero in the series and stands in stark contrast to his closest confidante, Levi. Nonetheless, he treats his subordinates with respect and relies on his sense of duty to lead them into battle. Without Erwin’s legendary leadership abilities, Eren would have been taken into the custody of the Military Police, leaving Paradis to suffer a slow and unbearable decline.

1 Jean Kirstein mide 1,80 m.attack on titan todos los heroes principales clasificados por altura 9

At 1.80 meters, Jean was the tallest unchanging hero in the series. Unlike Erwin, he sometimes flaunted his height, for example during heated bar fights with Eren Jaeger. Unsurprisingly, the disputes quickly spiraled out of control. Mikasa was just not interrupting, as she hoped the two of them would wear each other out.

Although Jean is not the most skilled warrior in the ranks of the scouts, he has proven his worth in the battle for Trost and the recovery of Shiganshina. His leadership ability has also been highlighted and admired by Marco before his mysterious and untimely death.