Attack on Titan and his new dance go viral on TikTok

Attack on Titan It is one of the most important animes of the moment, thanks to a choreography that is being a trend in TikTok, manga fans share each of the dance steps accompanied by the music of Jason Derulo.

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In January of last year, Kayla Mallari, a 34-year-old dancer from Southern California, surprisingly became a celebrity within the fandom of Attack on Titan.

Thanks to a video in YouTube 2014 where she is seen dancing with a cosplay from the manga, went viral on TikTok for the images that showed Mallari performing a hip-hop routine from the popular anime created by Hajime Isayama to the beat of «Talk Dirty to Me» de Jason Derulo.

This presentation went viral on YouTube among anime fans, but what really made the dance gain popularity worldwide was its broadcast on TikTok, rapidly converting to Kayla Mallari into a celebrity within the anime community.

A year after it will begin its virality in TikTok, still feel its impact. His video generated thousands of imitators and duets, accumulating millions of views and making the dance contrast with the song of «Talk Dirty» de Jason Derulo at a very particular point for many fans of Attack on Titan.

The origin of the Attack on Titan dance group

Mallari join the cosplay dance group,The Corps Dance Crew, which I co-found with her best friend Sonali Samarasena in 2013 under its original name, The Survey Corps to eventually rename it to how it is currently known.

Even if Mallari and Samarasena named their dance team after the branch of the military that the main characters of Attack on Titan, the duo never intended to incorporate anime into their performances.

The last season of Attack on Titan The anime has begun to air, generating high expectations among fans.