Attack On Titan Announces OAD Dub Release

The attack of the Titans is months away from its next comeback, but fans won’t have to wait empty-handed until season four returns. After all, a new report has confirmed the anime’s next big dub release. Turns out Crunchyroll is planning to dub the anime’s OAD shorts, and the first will be rolling out in a few days.

The news comes straight from Crunchyroll as the site confirmed plans to double down The attack of the Titans‘s OADs. All eight will get the treatment starting May 8, with new voiceovers to be released weekly going forward. The first ADO to get a dub will be Isle notebook.

Once the first OAD is dubbed, Episodes 2-3 will cover The sudden visitor and Distress shorts. The next two episodes will adapt Attack on Titan: No Regrets spin-off manga. And with its last three episodes, Attack on Titan: The Lost Girls will be adapted with English dubs.

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These releases aren’t new to the fandom as a whole, but The attack of the Titans fans will be delighted to discover their dubs. This will keep them busy while they wait for the anime’s fourth season to return. The attack of the Titans closed the season earlier this year with a finale confirming that more were on the way for 2023. Once next year rolls around, fans will be treated to the final episodes of The attack of the Titans after a decade of racing. As you can imagine, fans are eager to return, but many are eagerly awaiting updates on the anime’s final return. So, in the meantime, these ADOs will keep their minds off.

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