Attack on Titan: Armin Arlert celebrates Christmas in this spectacular cosplay – Senpai

We know that the Christmas holidays this year are over, but we did not want to say goodbye to these important dates without first sharing with you a spectacular cosplay from Attack on Titan where dear Armin Arlert celebrates Christmas.

In a world like that of Attack on Titan It would seem impossible to be able to celebrate Christmas peacefully, especially as a member of the Reconnaissance Legion and commander of the Scouting Corps. However, the good Armin took a little break to be able to go out for a walk during these dates.

This is how the cosplayer @inka_cosplay (via Instagram), who shares a great Christmas characterization of the character of Attack on Titan in a cosplay pretty beautiful anime and perfect for winter.

Photo: Instagram – inka_cosplay

As you can see, the beautiful cosplay from Attack on Titan presents the good Armin Arlert in a rather winter and Christmas outfit, although underneath he wears his classic military outfit. What’s cool here are details like the Santa Claus cape that replaces the Legion of Reconnaissance’s green cape.

Photo: Instagram – inka_cosplay

Although of course the most beautiful thing is the natural and snowy scenery that they chose for the photographs and above all else, the beautiful horse that the artist brought to her set to give life to the character of SNK as it should be. It is certainly a anime cosplay more than spectacular and beautiful.

Remember finally that the anime of Attack on Titan the second part of its fourth season is about to premiere very soon or Final Season, which will arrive on Japanese television and with simulcast to the West through Funimation and Crunchyroll on January 9, 2022.

What did you think of this cosplay Christmas of Attack on Titan with Armin Arlert?


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