Attack on Titan: Armin’s 10 Greatest Achievements, Ranked

Armin Arlert was one of the main characters in Attack on Titan. When he was first introduced, he was one of the weakest characters in the manga, but he was also incredibly smart. Throughout the series, he achieved many achievements, either because of the enemies he defeated or because of the plans he devised to save his loved ones.

By the end of the manga, Armin had achieved more than most of the other protagonists and antagonists. These are just a few of his greatest accomplishments, including those that have yet to be animated.

10 Graduation of the 104th Cadet Corps

One of Armin’s greatest goals, since he was a child, was to enter the Survey Corps so that he could travel outside the walls of Paradis. However, he had to work hard to make that dream come true by training in the 104th Cadet Corps. Even though he struggled to do some of the things that were required of him to graduate, he was able to do it and became a soldier in the Surveying Corps.

9 Save Jean’s lifeataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de armin clasificados 1

When the Topography Corps confronted the Military Police, Jean almost died. However, Armin shot the military policeman in time which nearly killed him, saving Jean’s life. Although it was great that Armin rescued his friend, he felt terrible about having to kill a person, especially since it was the first time he had taken a life.

8 Finding out that Reiner was inside the wallataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de armin clasificados 2

When the Survey Corps went to Shiganshina so they could take back their lands from the Titans by sealing the hole the Colossal Titan made, they knew the warriors were nearby but couldn’t find them. Armin led the search and discovered that Reiner was inside the wall. Levi attacked him quickly and although Reiner did not die, the Study Corps might have been at a greater disadvantage if Reiner remained in hiding until he was ready to fight.

7 discovering that Reiner and Bertholdt were titan changersataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de armin clasificados 3

Armin leading the search for Reiner in Shiganshina was not the only time he discovered it. Before that, he was able to find out that he and Bertholdt were the Armored and Colossal Titans respectively. Upon discovering that Reiner and Bertholdt were supposedly from the same region as Annie, Armin recalled that Reiner was with him when she attacked.

Although he was about to kill Reiner, he was able to escape and she left him alone afterwards. It turned out that he had engraved Eren’s location on his hand. Upon realizing this, Armin and the rest of the Survey Corps strongly suspected it was the Armored Titan, which they confirmed shortly after.

6 Save your friends from the Seven Titans in Trostataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de armin clasificados 4

When the Titans invaded Trost, Armin and his friends were in danger. To save them from the seven titans that surrounded them, he devised a plan in which most of them would attract the titans. Meanwhile, Mikasa, Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie, Jean, Sasha and Connie killed them. Although Sasha and Connie failed to defeat the Titans they should, Annie and Mikasa saved them, so Armin’s plan was a success.

5 Becoming Commander of the Surveying Corpsataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de armin clasificados 5

Towards the end of the manga, Hange sacrificed his life to ensure that the Survey Corps and the Warrior Unit could reach Eren. Before doing so, Hange told Armin that he would become the commander of the Survey Corps. Although the Surveying Corps had only a few members at the time, becoming its leader showed how far Armin came from not even being one of the best soldiers in the 104th Cadet Corps. As a leader, he led his teammates into battle against his best friend, helped end the Rumbling, and saved the world.

4 See the oceanataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de armin clasificados 6

Since he was a child, Armin’s dream was to see the ocean. This was the reason why he joined the Corps of Surveying in the first place.

The first time he knew about it was through a book he read and, after showing it to Eren, who did not believe it could exist, he insisted on proving that it was real, especially since his parents were killed by the Military Police for wanting to see the outside world. Years later, he and Eren were finally able to see it, making everything Armin worked for from childhood worthwhile.

3 Discovering that Annie was the Titan Womanataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de armin clasificados 7

After his encounter with the Female Titan, Armin was able to discover that it was Annie. Thinking that she knew what Eren was like and had spared his life, she remembered that she had Marco’s equipment after killing the two titans that the Survey Corps experimented on. This led them to devise a plan to confirm that she was the Female Titan. If they hadn’t, Armin would not have been able to discover the identities of Reiner and Bertholdt either.

2 Defeat Bertholdt by sacrificing himselfataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de armin clasificados 8

When the Survey Corps and the Warrior Unit fought at Shiganshina, Armin and Eren teamed up to defeat Bertholdt. Armin devised a plan in which he caught Bertholdt’s attention while Eren sneaked up behind him and attacked. Although it was successful and Eren was able to use Bertholdt as a hostage, his plan also resulted in Armin nearly burned to death. Luckily, Levi injected him with titan serum and fed Bertholdt, allowing Armin to inherit the Colossal Titan. They finally defeated one of their greatest enemies.

1 Stop the rumbleataque a los titanes los 10 mayores logros de armin clasificados 9

When Armin and his companions finally caught up with Eren, they fought each other. They took him to the coordinate, where he was able to talk to Zeke about the meaning of life. By understanding Armin’s beliefs, Zeke and the other Shifting Titans Eren controlled were able to regain their free will and aided Armin’s teammates in ending the Rumbling. Armin then fought Eren. With the help of his friends, especially Mikasa, they were able to kill him, saving the world.