Attack on Titan: Armored Titan skin leaks into Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone, The popular battle royale from Activision Blizzard, presented this January an event in which Attack the titans came to the video game. Beside Vanguard, the whole family Call of Duty has been able to enjoy skins and other types of cosmetics set in the popular Japanese animation series, but it seems that this does not end there and we will have more content about it.

A leak of Hydra9114 point out that another skin from Attack the titans would come to the game soon, and this would be one of the most spectacular that has ever been seen in Warzone.

The short video shows us what appears to be the Armored Titan, one of the most emblematic characters of the entire series. This could reach Warzone and confirm that the collaboration between the game and Shingeki no Kyojin he can still give a lot of himself.

The skin of Exploration Corps Y Levi Ackerman disappointed most players, so the developers still want to surprise and make a huge impact with a look that would be desired by a large number of players in Warzone.

Warzone wants to continue innovating

Few or no one expected this union between Attack the titans Y Warzone. That there are collaborations of this type are a key aspect in the video game model free to play Currently, as has been shown Fortnite: Battle Royale over the years.

Warzone lives moments of enormous importance, with certain growth of the hackers within their servers after the arrival more than a month ago of RICOCHET, his system anti-cheat which worked perfectly from start. The impact of your new map on the peaceful, Caldera, has been increasing in popularity as time has passed, thus overcoming the harsh criticism of the beginning.