Attack On Titan Art Imagines The Debut Of The New Toxic Titan

Attack on Titan introduced terrifying juggernauts over its four seasons, with the Nine Titans not only being scary in their own right, but having savage abilities to boot. As the series draws to a close, fan artists are taking the opportunity to dream up major new visions of the creatures that are at the center of the battle between the Isle of Paradise and the Nation of Marley, featuring a ‘Toxic Titan’ hit the stage.

While each of the Titans, such as the Colossal, Armored, Beast, and Jaw, to name a few, have their own unique abilities at their disposal, their powers simply pale in comparison when stacked against those of the founding Titan. Not only does the Founding Titan’s strength allow its user to gain a body larger than anything they have seen before, but it also grants the wearer the ability to control all of Ymir’s descendants, even being able to change memories. of the whole race. . With the Reiss family being the sole holders of power for generations before Eren Jaeger took the form for himself, the power structure has changed astronomically as the younger Jaeger now seeks to eliminate all civilians living outside the borders of Paradise, innocent and otherwise. .

Deviant Artist Itsbxd shared this incredible vision of a Colossal Titan that appears to be filled with poison, creating a “Toxic Titan” that’s definitely quite scary compared to some of the other movers and shakers in the series that have been introduced over the years of the show. spirit of creator Hajime Isayama:

(Photo: Itsbxd)

The fourth and final season of the anime adaptation only has a few episodes left before the second half ends, so it looks like the TV series won’t have time to adapt all of the events from the manga. While the series is expected to have a panel at Anime Japan, a major convention in Japan that has several anime franchises sharing major updates for their future, many believe the series could end with MAPPA unveiling a movie for the franchise. . If a film were to see the light of day, it would be the first in the franchise and probably the last.

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