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Attack on Titan breaks the fourth wall in June at Third Editions

Specialized in deciphering works related to pop culture or video games, the Third Editions team is preparing the imminent release of a new book that should be of special interest to lovers of Japanese manga and animation.

Beyond the walls of Attack on Titan

Essential in the niche of books specialized in video games and pop culture, Third Editions heralds a particularly attractive summer for all lovers of Japanese animation. An unmissable phenomenon of recent years in the manga field, The attack of the titans will be, indeed, from June the subject of a book entitled Beyond the Walls of Attack on Titan – The Chains of Freedom. This work signed Merciful Flag must go back in detail to the manga’s genesis of Hajime Hisayama, but also about its universe and everything related to the animated series. The opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the SNK phenomenon (Shingeki no Kyojin) by going beyond the initial material through a reading that serves as both a diegesis and an exegesis around the original work. This book will also be presented at the 2022 edition of Japan Expo that will take place from July 14 to 17.

As is customary with the publisher, the book will have two separate covers, including a “First Printing” collector’s version, available only at . For now, only the cover designed by France Mansiaux has been revealed. Remember that the publisher had specially created a collection dedicated to great works of fiction born from the work of talented designers and animators, whether on paper, animated on celluloid or in 3D. There are also many books on bat Man That in ghost in the shell, crazed, Akira or even Disney Y Hayao Miyazaki.

But the summer news of the editorial does not end there and will continue until the end of August with numerous publications related to pop culture. On the “coming soon” page of the official website, the following releases are already mentioned:

  • Between the lines of the Death Note – Writing a new world (Clément Pélissier) / July
  • Travel to Japan in the land of manga (Gael Berton) / July
  • The Origins of The Lord of the Rings: From Tolkien to Jackson (Vivien Lejeune) / August

Finally, the second volume dedicated to the saga (Resident Evil – Of Zombies and Men Volume 2) written by patrick helium it is also expected later this year.