Attack on Titan: Carlos Ballarta shares his experience after filming Grisha Jaeger’s strongest scene | Spaghetti Code

It doesn’t take long for us to find out that Carlos Ballarta would give voice to Eren’s father in Attack on Titan, fact that a short time later we were surprised to hear how well he did as a voice actor, however, our greatest intrigue was to know how was he going to tackle Grisha Jaeger’s strongest scene in Final Season Part 2and finally we have the answer, after the renowned standupero shared all his experience through social networks.

We were all quite “touched” by Grisha Jaeger’s participation in the Final Season-Part 2, Well, chapter 79, where Eren reveals the true power of the Attack Titan, taking Zeke on a kind of time travel, simply made it clear how much the protagonist suffered because of his son.

Evidently the character’s strongest scene was the one after having “completed his mission”, after devouring Frieda Reiss and killing the entire royal family. This heartbreaking sequence has already been dubbed into Latin Spanish and so it is finally left with the voice of Carlos Ballarta who mentions the following: “I tried my best but Hiroshi Tsuchida’s original performance is so cool, maximum respect for him”.

Without a doubt, this is an interpretation with an enormous degree of difficulty. Getting into the tough role of Grisha should not be easy at all, because the intention of these lines is truly heartbreaking, and Carlos Ballarta himself made it very clear in the comments of his Facebook:

“I came out with a sore throat from recording. Arriving home I hugged my children, this chapter is very hard.

“I was screaming and screaming in the booth while recording, man. But she got the job ”.

Now the standup artist is momentarily saying goodbye to dubbing, hoping to find a little more space in his agenda in the future so that he can get fully into this art that he defines as “very tasty.”

What did you think of Carlos Ballarta’s performance as Grisha Jaeger for Part 2 of the Final Season of Attack on Titan?


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