Attack on Titan: Check out this amazing hyper-realistic version of Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman has become one of the most beloved characters, not only by fans of Attack on Titan if not from the viewers of anime in general, who have found in her a powerful female protagonist who moves away from the typical stereotypes of Japanese animation, and now an artist has decided to bring her to real life thanks to a hyper-realistic illustration.

Through DevianArt the artist known as @JxbP has shared an incredible fan art in which Mikasa has been stripped of all her animated features to give her more humanized ones, in a job that has caused a huge impact due to its neatness.

Among other things, This illustration stands out for the enormous capacity that its author has had when capturing the elements that represent the character created by Hajime Isayama, as is the case of hair, eye color, his inseparable red scarf and of course, the uniform of the Paradis Army Exploration Corps.

Image: DeviantArt / @JxbP

The art comes at a time when the fandom awaits the start of the third part of the anime’s final season. Shingeky no Kyojinwhere Mikasa and company must still decide their particular destiny.

In addition, this work also reminds us of the realistic version of the characters Attack on Titan which was created by an Artificial Intelligence program a few weeks ago, although of course, this version has even more value as it is a completely analogous work, coming from the imagination of a talented artist who took on the task of creating this wonderful version of Mikasa.

what did you think of this fan art of Attack on Titan featuring a hyper-realistic version of Mikasa Ackerman?


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