Attack On Titan Cliffhanger Sets Up His Biggest Death Yet

The attack of the Titans is back with its new episode of the week, and fans wouldn’t stretch if they called it one of the show’s best yet. After setting up an ambush, the war between Paradis and Marley is fiercer than ever in Episode 78. And in the end, fans are left with a cliffhanger setting up one of his craziest deaths yet. .

So you have been warned! There are massive spoilers below for The attack of the Titans episode 78!

This week’s episode checks in on Eren as he continues to fight Porco and Reiner while Marley goes after the Yeagerist. Things go wild when Zeke arrives with the Beast Titan, and some major casualties are suffered before the final moments of the episode arrive. For the past few minutes, fans have watched Eren attempt to unite with Zeke to carry out their plan…but the latter is decapitated after being shot in the head.

The shocking moment left Zeke stunned and many others watching as Gabi shot Eren. After all, the former hero became the number one enemy of even his closest friends, so Gabi had little choice. The final moments of the episode continued to explore the paths we’ve heard briefly mentioned before, and Zeke is united with Eren in this liminal space.

Clearly, The attack of the Titans fans are curious how Eren can come back from this beheading. Season four still has a lot to cover before it closes, and it’s hard to imagine the show continuing without its protagonist. Of course, manga readers are aware of the twist, and this gory cliffhanger still hints at a great death to come. So if you thought season four was about to slow down, know that things are just getting started.

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