Attack on Titan comes to Call of Duty and it doesn’t look too good

Attack the titans or in its original version, Shingeki no Kyojin, is one of the great works of our time. With the manga already finished and waiting for the animated series to do the same in 2022, Call of Duty: Vanguard gets ahead of everyone with surprising collaboration.

A collaboration between the series and the game is coming soon, and will include a skin by Levi Ackerman along with different animations, emblem and sticker. The skin Levi’s in-game for Daniel, one of the operators, and he doesn’t seem to be convincing the players. What could be one of the most anticipated events so far, may end up becoming something not so desired by a skin which in principle is not liking.

No one expected to see Attack on Titan in Vanguard

We have become accustomed in the video game world to crossovers, collaborations between different products, are something common. The greatest reflection of this is Fortnite, but this type of initiative has existed since the beginning of the industry, a good example being the saga of fighting games, Marvel vs Capcom.

What is surprising is that Call of Duty enters this game, and more with a delivery like Vanguard, set in World War II. Attack on Titan is a surprise for players, a pleasant one that will invite you to continue playing. It should not be ruled out either that this collaboration may appear in Warzone.

The work of Hajime Isayama has already come to an end in its manga version, and this year 2022 it will do the same in the anime. Attack on Titan is a work that has made history, with a massive worldwide impact thanks to the monitoring of millions of people. An adult, complex, deep and addictive story makes us devour Shingeki no Kyojin as if there were no tomorrow, wishing it had more appearances in the video game world than it has had to this day.