Attack on Titan confirms continuation of its final season

When we all thought that”The attack of the Titans ” it would end with the episode “The Final Season – Part 2” which has just been released in Japan, it seems that the series still has a lot to say, because with the premiere of the chapter alone, it has just been confirmed »The Final Season – Part 3 officially, with its first window tentatively open for 2023.

A small trailer has been uploaded to Twitter confirming that the popular anime will return to continue its story, of which very little information is known as the trailer only shows several characters standing on what appears to be the footprint of a titan.

However, manga readers may get an idea of ​​what the anime has in store; Part 2 episodes have reached around manga chapter 130, which means there are nine chapters of creator Hajime Isayama’s story left to adapt.

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The ‘Attack on Titan’ manga was published in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine from September 2009 to April 2021. It was well received by fans and critics upon release, selling over 100 million copies and won multiple awards, including Best Shōnen. Manga at the Kodansha Manga Awards in 2011.

Isayama’s story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans hide from giant monsters (also called titans) in fortified cities. The plot follows the journey of Eren Yeager, a young man who swears to end all titans after destroying his home and devouring his mother. While Eren is certainly one of the main characters in Attack on Titan, many have claimed that he transitioned from hero to villain as the plot unfolded.

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Although no report was given on the creative team that will be in charge of part 3, the studio MAP he’s the one behind “Attack on Titan: The Final Season”, so he’s probably also in charge of this new part, with Yuichiro Hayashi as a director, just like part 1 and part 2.

In a recent interview, Hayashi explained his experiences with ‘Attack on Titan: The Final Season’, stating that “After I finished Part 1, I continued to direct Part 2, and I felt like I was to be much more familiar with ‘Attack on Titan’, so I think I was able to direct more comfortably. »

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