Attack on Titan: controversial derivatives ultimately won’t be sold


Generally, merchandise is meant to please fans. This Attack on Titan product, however, caused the opposite feeling.

Attack on Titan has repeatedly been at the center of various controversies. The series tackles serious themes like racism and discrimination and regularly draws on the circumstances of Nazi Germany at the time. Those who have seen the anime know that the Eldia suffered the same suffering as the Jews during the time of the Hitler regime. They should also wear a bracelet so that their ancestry is visible at all times.

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Attack on Titan: Eldia Bracelet as a Fan Item

As part of Season 4, the Attack on Titan production committee recently decided to launch new merchandise on the Japanese market. Among the projects for various fan articles was the idea of ​​an “Eldia bracelet”. When fans learned of it, critical voices were raised to denounce the bad taste of the idea.

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Behind the bracelet hides a story of suffering and oppression. If such a bracelet becomes a consumer product, the subject loses its seriousness. Although the bracelets do not directly represent the events of WWII, they do relate to it.

The production committee reacted a few days ago to criticism from fans and decided to remove this absurd product from its sales plans. In a statement, they apologized for the bracelet: “This product was supposed to be part of an AoT character’s costume. However, it is also considered a sign of ethnic discrimination. We recognize that there was a lack of consideration prior to the marketing of this product. We are really sorry “.

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