Attack on Titan Cosplay Features All 2 Hitch Dreyse Appearances

Hitch is one of the few characters that has transpired in almost all seasons of attack on titan with a mostly supporting role, but her carefree personality and looks have earned her popularity from her fans as in this cosplay of his person made by Suzusparkle (Instagram).

Unlike the Shinganshina girls, Hitch comes from an aristocratic family in the Trost District of the Shina wall, which made her a person more concerned about her appearance and mocking when she hears the desire of other recruits to fight against the titans, although deep down it is her way of caring for others.

During the last season, Hitch was in charge of keeping the body of annie leonharth, her former partner in the Military Police, wears a trench coat with the Military Police insignia on her arm, and her hair has become noticeably straighter compared to her “kinky” hair before the 4-year timeskip. Here we can see a comparison between the version of Suzusparkle (left) and its “pre timeskip” version made by the IG cosplay fleurbunn (right)

Photo: Suzusparkle (IG) / fleurbunn (IG)

Hitch was last seen in part 2 of the season finale of Attack on Titan after the “Eren’s Scream” ended up freeing her ex-partner from her glass prison, and after a short time together, we could see that Hitch still considered Annie as her friend (and indirectly Annie showed the same feeling for her “noisy” partner from the Military Police) .

What do you think of these Hitch Dreyse cosplay before and after his timeskip?


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