Attack On Titan Cosplay Prepares Mikasa For His Final Battle TechRadar

Attack on Titan is fast heading into its final episode, and some awesome cosplay has Mikasa Ackerman ready for the final battle! As fans saw in the fourth and final season, things took an unexpected turn as it was revealed that the series’ final battle will actually be against Eren Yeager himself. While fans could never have expected such a turn of events, this has been an even more shocking series of revelations for those close to her. Now Mikasa has prepared herself for the final battle ahead as she tackles what she really needs to do.

Not only is Mikasa’s reaction to Eren’s genocidal actions one of the most intriguing elements of the final season so far, but it’s just the build-up to what’s to come, as she plays a huge part in the grand finale of the series as a whole. Fans will see how she comes to terms with the fact that she and the others will be acting with the explicit purpose of taking down Eren, but must at the same time sort out all the different emotions she’s dealing with. Let’s go, she is well prepared for this final, as imagined by the artist @miikhydeafening on Instagram with a great Mikasa cosplay! Check it out below:

Attack on Titan: Final Part of Season 2 fast approaching the final episode of the series as a whole, and as each new episode continues to build towards the grand finale, it becomes increasingly clear that the anime might not be able to do it all. get in the few remaining episodes in the series run. Whether or not there will be any further plans for the anime after the show’s final episode has yet to be revealed, but that makes every new episode of the show all the more important in reaching that ending.

Mikasa is just one of the main characters left in the mix as the series gears towards the finale, and only one of the characters who has a major connection to Eren that needs to be sorted out. But as the series prepares for its final battle, it won’t be long before everything comes crashing down. What do you think? What do you hope to see from Mikasa in The attack of the Titans’the final ? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments!