Attack on Titan cosplay relives a very tender Pieck Finger moment

When not at war or fighting human-eating titans, the characters in Attack on Titan they can also enjoy some brief moments of tranquility, and if you don’t believe us you have to see this cosplay made by rin.crimson (Instagram) that recreates a very tender moment of Pieck in the anime.

If you remember well, Pieck Finger is one of the warriors of Marley with the ability to become a Titan Shifter (and also known as the waifu most popular in your nation). That is why she, despite being an Erdian, was allowed to attend a festival where the declaration of war against Eren Jaeger was announced and with many kinds of food.

It is in this scenario where Pieck tasted a slice of Pizza for the first time and we must say that the cosplayer makes a quite tender recreation about the enjoyment of the erdiana.

Photo: rin.crimson (Instagram)

It is worth mentioning that the previous one was an exclusive moment within the anime of Attack on Titan. In the original chapter of sleeve It was only the little ones who were in charge of emptying Reiner’s wallet, but the animated adaptation also added characters like Pieck and Porcco to the scene… and boy did he give us one of the cutest postcards that Marley’s waifu could have! she has certainly built up quite a fan base since her first appearance!

The anime of Attack on Titan has decided to tell the end of his story with a third part of the final season, leaving until now a total of 87 episodes distributed in four seasons. Said season will return to television screens and platforms at some point next year.

what did you think of this cosplay Pieck’s Attack on Titan?


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