Attack On Titan Cosplay Showcases Levi’s Final Season Brutal Look

The characters of The attack of the Titans all went through some serious hard times in the brutal anime franchise’s fourth and final season, but perhaps none suffered more brutal injuries and lives than Levi. Following his plan gone awry to keep Zeke Jaeger the Beast Titan captured while attached to a thunder spear, it was recently revealed that he was able to survive the explosion and was carried by Hange as he continues to recover and possibly play a major role in the fight against Eren Jaeger, as the former protagonist sets out to commit genocide.

Despite the fact that Captain Levi didn’t have his own Titan powers to rely on, he was by far one of the most powerful members of the scout regiment, even managing to defeat the Beast Titan at a few times while sculpting. through regular Titans like a hot knife through butter. While Levi is still alive, the injuries he sustained from Zeke’s escape caused him to miss quite a few ends, leaving viewers wondering if he’ll be able to join the fight against Eren. as he inherited the power of the Foundation. Titan and uses the Rumbling to destroy all who live outside of Paradise.

Instagram cosplayer Sammys Cosplay shared this brutally accurate take on Levi’s current look in the final season, with the Scout Regiment member pledging to try and stop Eren Jaeger by teaming up with former enemies of the nation of Marley, including Annie the Female Titan, Reiner the Armored Titan and Pieck the Cart Titan to name a few:

The attack of the Titans the second half of its final season has a surprisingly small number of episodes left, though fans are banking on a major franchise announcement during Anime Japan happening later this month. With Studio MAPPA dropping some big announcements during this panel, many fans of the show are betting a movie could be in the works to cap off the bloody battle between the Eldians of Paradise and the Land of Marley.

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