Attack On Titan Cosplay Spotlights Marley’s Big Hero Reiner

Attack On Titan’s Reiner is a complicated character, initially introduced as a member of the Scout Regiment who had fun with Eren Jaeger and company, but later revealed to be the one who helped tear down the walls of Paradis. While the final season sees Reiner’s character change as he once again returns to his homeland of Marley, a cosplayer has brought his season four look to life as he fights a very different Eren Jaeger on Paradise Island.

Reiner didn’t have the easy task of helping the nation of Marley secure the power of the Founding Titan, with the armored Titan losing its mind time and time again as it infiltrated deep into the ranks of the Scout Regiment. Nearly committing suicide in the fourth and final season, Reiner is still in his Armored Titan form while battling Eren, though he must take drastic measures now that Eren has released the Rumbling to the world. With Eren deciding to go genocidal with his plans, Reiner is going to have some tough decisions in the near future of his journey.

Instagram Cosplayer Rivnir shared this perfect version of The attack of the Titans Reiner, with the fourth season giving the Armored Titan a major makeover in the years between the anime’s final season and the third season which saw Reiner lose Bertholdt to the Scouts:

Although this is the last season for The attack of the Titans, many fans think that this might not be the end of the anime adaptation, as the fourth season apparently doesn’t have enough time to cover all the events that happened in the manga. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, the series’ final battle would certainly make quite the movie if Studio MAPPA decided to translate The attack of the Titans on the big screen. After the success of their latest production, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, there’s certainly reason to believe that the titanic final battle will hit the big screen.

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