‘Attack on Titan’ could continue with new anime series and other projects

Attack on Titan conclude its last season from the next January 9th. At the beginning of next year, the most successful anime production of recent times will end its journey, marking the end of a stage after the conclusion of the manga. But it seems that the fandom has reason to be happy and cling to a new hope: the conclusion of the main plot does not mean that the universe of Shingeki no Kyojin stored in a drawer forever. New projects and content based on this popular creation are coming.

We will have series derived from Shingeki no Kyojin?

Let’s start at the beginning. As they explain us from Comicbook, it all started when those responsible for Attack on Titan they remembered their comeback date for the last batch of episodes remaining. The official website of the publisher of Attack on Titan shared the big announcement of the end of the saga, thanking the fans for their support after so many years. In an unexpected twist, the editors confirmed that they had begun meeting about the future of the series. “The great support for anime Attack on Titan It keeps us happy (and working) even after the manga’s serialization is over. After the anime, we have started meeting to decide on the future, so please stay tuned.“, they explain in the tweet.

As is logical, fans quickly seized on the idea of ​​seeing more series and projects based on Attack on TitanAlthough there is nothing official and it is more of a statement of intent and long-term support than anything else. In any case, it is to be celebrated that producers and publishers are still actively working on the license, even after Hajime Isayama will finish his successful manga. What can we see? Well, it is not known, although it would not be surprising that sequels were seen, spin-off on characters of the stature of Reiner O Erwin, even products different from what has been dealt with to date in the main plot.

Shingeki no Kyojin, based on the award-winning manga and bestseller from the New York Times, features more than 100 million copies sold and being one of the best-selling Japanese titles of all time. The phenomenon awakened by Attack on Titan It is so big, that today its fans number in the millions. This series, launched in 2013, tells the story of a society that survives in a huge fortified city with high walls. Its purpose and function? To protect yourself from Titans, grotesque giants that devoured all people.