Attack on Titan could end with a movie, according to the latest theories

The end of Attack the titans is about to arrive. the fiction of Hajime Isayama and Ryō Suzukaze right now it looks like a final stretch of scandal that is leaving viewers breathless with each new chapter that is released. It is a historical event within anime, since we are talking about one of the stories that has had the greatest impact on popular culture despite the fact that it only has four seasons (as a general rule, animes tend to be longer). But maybe Shingeki no Kyojin have an ace up your sleeve.

What about the ending?

After the tweet you just saw, viewers have started to make theories about the possible release of a movie to end the final battle of Attack the titans. It seems that if we compare the manga with the script that we see in the anime, there is a lack of time to be able to narrate everything, so maybe the final surprise of the fiction is the announcement of a film to end the story all high. That would turn the television phenomenon into a cinematographic event, which would certainly sweep the box office.

There is still a lot of manga to tell and the final season of the anime is already nearing candy, so it is understood that there may be some kind of extension that makes Attack on the Titans continue to live. For now, it’s all fan theories and dreams, but it’s a move that has long been established in television series (Deadwood, The Walking Dead, Peaky Blinders) and possibly also end up reaching the world of anime in a more globalized way.

A master move that will make the audience of Attack the titans grow like foam and encouragement to go to movie theaters (if it is finally released in theaters and not on platforms).