Attack on Titan creator has no plans to start a new manga

A sequel seems not to be in the plans for the future of ”Attack on Titan”. Recent reports have confirmed that the mangaka hajime isayama He “currently has no plans” to start writing another manga.

The creator of the popular manga and anime ”Attack on Titan” has been devoting his life to history for 12 years, starting at the age of 19. Many fans have encouraged the author with this decision, assuring that he deserved a break after finishing one of the most influential stories in recent years.

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Isayama recently made his first appearance in the United States at a panel at Anime NYC on November 19. Due to the ending of ”Attack on Titan”, the mangaka received a lot of hate from fans, with many even threatening him with death.

However, Isayama thanked the New York audience for treating him well, commenting that he was scared before coming to the city because of the negative reception. “I was depressed for a long time until yesterday when I met the fans during the signing. The fans told me that the ending was great and they loved it, and it made me happy, it was a great experience for me,” he said.

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Isayama created ”Attack on Titan” as a 65-page one-shot manga, but began making it as a full story in 2009 when it began serialization in the magazine. Weekly Shōnen. The story ended in 2021, with some fans expressing their frustration that the ending’s problems left many plot holes.

Fans are currently waiting for the third part of the fourth and final season of ”Attack on Titan,” which will arrive sometime next year. A special event featuring live music from the anime was held on November 12 to commemorate the upcoming premiere.

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