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hajime isayama He is the creator of one of the most important series in the anime industry in recent years. That’s right, we mean his great work, shingeki no kyojin —translated as Attack on Titan —, and one of the comments he made about it during the New York Comic-Con convention was about his favorite hero.

We know that Attack on Titan It is a story full of secrets, time travel, sacrifices, deaths, and bonds marked by tragedy. Perhaps because of this, it is that the individualistic idea of ​​a hero who opposes a villain is difficult to achieve, since in the story there are characters and settings full of nuances that allow us to approach them from different angles that are far from be absolute.

Isayama has already commented that his manga has influences from Game of Thrones and Breaking BadHowever, this time it was revealed that, your favorite hero of Attack on Titan is one of the characters that could be considered secondary.

We don't have a release date for the final season of Attack on Titan yet, but it's likely to arrive in winter 2023.
Source: MAPPA Studios

We are almost in the final stretch of the anime, the manga has already ended, and it should be noted that it was not to everyone’s liking, something normal in the community, not everyone can be pleased. Anyway, the last part of the story does not stop taking surprising turns. While we thought that Eren Jaeger would be the shining hero who would lead to absolute peace, well, we were quite wrong.

Now the Recon Squad will have to face the Founding Titan in a desperate attempt to save Eldia. Attack on Titan has a team made up of former “enemies” and our classic characters to save what’s left of the world.

Jean as the best hero

The starting team of the first season will meet again and try to fight with everything. However, there is a character who will have a special role and that is what gives him the favoritism of his creator, we are referring to Jean Kirstein.

Hajime Isayama shared who is his favorite hero from Attack on Titan, his most popular work
Source: MAPPA Studios

Despite the fact that Jean does not yet have a Titan power and at first, she seemed like a “hollow” character because she was only looking for comfort —in a world more aggressive than ours, who could blame him—, has managed to develop more and we can find very different things from a first Jean that prepares surprises for us in what comes from Attack on Titan.

So yes, Jean is Isayama’s favorite hero, so we can expect her to perform honorably in the ending of Attack on Titan.

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Where can I watch Attack on Titan?

Crunchyroll has all the subtitled seasons available and although it is not yet revealed when the second part of the final season will return, it is very likely that they will have it available too, when it hits the screens.

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