Attack On Titan Creator reveals its big goal for 2022 – Tech Tribune France

Being an adult is stressful, and a lot of that feeling can come from work. From bills to taxes, very few can live their lives without working for their livelihood, and Hajime Isayama has spent years inking The attack of the Titans. This will all come to an end soon, as the anime is expected to end by the summer. And now, the artist shares his big goal for 2022 with all who are willing to listen to him.

Recently, The attack of the TitansThe creator of shared his New Years resolution with fans. As January shifted into high gear, Isayama shared a note who revealed his goal, and it has to do with his work-life balance. After all, the artist’s resolution is not to work for the coming year.

Obviously, the goal is big and it is impossible for most to follow it. But when it comes to Isayama, the artist earned more than enough money to survive until 2022. The attack of the Titans is one of the most popular anime series these days, and its manga sales remain strong. The series has over 100 million copies in circulation, so you can imagine how deep Isayama’s pockets are.

While fans will certainly miss The attack of the Titans, they are happy to know that Isayama will have a good vacation soon. In fact, no one knows if the artist wants to return to manga in the future. Isayama has worked on a few rogue one-shots in the past, so he’s got the wit to make more stories. The only question is whether he wants to.

After all, Isayama told fans about his goals afterThe attack of the Titans, and they don’t involve manga. Turns out the artist wants a change of pace, and Isayama thinks he’d be happy to own his own business once. The attack of the Titans is behind him. In fact, he would love to own a spa, and honestly? It’s not the most surprising thing we’ve ever heard.

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