Attack On Titan Crew Reveals The Worst Part Of Eren’s Founding Titan

The attack of the Titans gave Eren Jaeger major power with his acquisition of the Founding Titan abilities, but with his major upgrade, Eren was given a terrifying new appearance. Now towering over the world in the largest Titan form we’ve ever seen, Eren’s guise gives him larger-than-life ribs, but has him moving across the ground to lead a line of colossal Titans towards the enemies of Paradise. Now the creative minds behind the final season of The attack of the Titans shared the difficulties of animating Eren’s new transformation.

In a recent interview, director of the dark anime franchise’s final season, Yuichiro Hayashi, and screen designer/CG producer, Yusuke Tannawa, took the opportunity to discuss how to bring Eren’s grotesque new form, which sees Jaeger’s head placed on a giant form of ribs and limbs as far as the eye can see:

Tannawa: When we were asked to work on Attack on Titan, I don’t know if it was drawn in manga at the time or not, but one of the themes we were thinking about was how to animate the Rumbling . How to represent it, how to stage it, how to show it. Well, we’re still trying to figure it out.

Hayashi: Well, also Eren in Founding Titan form, we were wondering how we could animate them. We did a lot of testing to create the look, so it wasn’t a rush job, but we planned a long preparation period to create them. As for Eren in Founding Titan form, we can’t really say how he moves in the manga, so we imagined how he would move from his shape and size, and tried to recreate him and move according to our imagination.

The original YouTube video, posted by Pony Canyon, contains many more behind-the-scenes digs by the two creative minds working on the latest episodes of The attack of the Titansthe future of the dark series ending still being a mystery to fans:

With The attack of the Titans confirming that they are planning to play a role at this year’s Anime Japanperhaps a film could be used to tie the Scout Regiment’s final battle together.