‘Attack on Titan’ debuts an epic and brutal trailer for its final season

Attack on Titan begin your conclusion the next January 9th, ending the most successful anime production of recent times. The adaptation produced by MAP return with the expected Episode 76, “Danzai”, that start the beginning of the end of the stories of Jaeger and the others. We offer you the new trailer through AnimeHype Anime Japan with Spanish subtitles.

Preparing for the final battle

The manga of Attack on Titan ended earlier this year, ending the story and, although the creator Hajime Isayama He has not mentioned the idea of ​​returning to the saga, those responsible for the anime have thought of continuing with the universe through sequels and other animated series. Considering how this final season appears to be set, and the manner in which the original manga ended, many are speculating that spinoff series focused on minor characters seen in previous seasons or prequels.

Shingeki no Kyojin, based on the award-winning manga and bestseller by New York Times, has more than 100 million copies sold and being one of the best-selling Japanese titles of all time. The phenomenon awakened by Attack On Titan It is so big, that today its fans number in the millions. This series, released in 2013, tells us the story of a society that survives in a huge fortified city with high walls. Its purpose and function? To protect yourself from Titans, grotesque giants that devoured all people.

The manga has concluded, the series is close to doing so … will there be sequels and spinoffs?

The series narrates the adventures of the hero Eren Jaeger and his friends in their fight against the aforementioned Titans, who are bringing humanity to the brink of extinction. His style, halfway between an action anime with political plots and fantastic epics – there are not few who say that it mixes the best of Neon Genesis Evangelion with the best of Game of Thrones– has conquered half the planet.