Attack On Titan director creates Netflix anime with gaming vibes

Tokyo inundated by a rain of gravity-defying bubbles and isolated from the rest of the world becomes a playground for lost children fighting in a team parkour competition. It looks like a game. Instead, this is an original new animated film called Bubble, written by Puella Magi scribe Madoka Magica Gen Urobuchi and directed by Attack on Titan’s Tetsurō Araki.

As Polygon pointed out, Bubble’s first trailer could very well be the animated opening of a wild, open-ended platform game. Maybe some kind of free-action evolution of EA’s Mirror’s Edge series. Destroyed by these mysterious bubbles, the twisted towers of Tokyo provide the perfect proving ground for parkour, with teens running collapsed towards, sliding through rubble, scaling overturned train cars, and bouncing off lingering bubbles in the sky. ‘air.

Of course, Bubble isn’t just about teenagers running around looking cool. The film focuses on Hibiki, a young parkour ace known for his recklessness. When the thrill-seeking teenager falls into the ocean, he is saved by a girl named Uta with mysterious powers. The whole thing is a unique take on the original fairy tale of The Little Mermaid, but instead of the girl falling in love, being heartbroken and turning into bubbles, here a bubble falls in love and becomes a girl. Stranger things have happened. Well, stranger things happened in the anime, at least.

Promotional art from the Bubble anime shows a girl grabbing a large soap bubble in the middle of an upside down cityscape.

Reminiscent of one of a certain fan-favorite Sony PS Vita game.Image: Netflix

Bubble, which debuts worldwide on Netflix on April 28, has what looks like an interesting story, a stunning trailer, and a pedigree that also includes Death Note artist Takeshi Obata on character design and the Attack on Titan composer Hiroyuki Sawano taking care of musical tasks. All he needs now is a connection to a video game so that I can play with Hibiki and his friends.