Attack On Titan Director Explains Eren’s ‘Death’ Scene Trick

The last season of The attack of the Titans placed Eren Jaeger in a terrifying and unique position, effectively becoming the show’s “big bad” as he launches an attack on all who live outside of Paradise Island. With Eren now holding the power of the Founding Titan at his disposal, the younger Jaeger had to die to get to his brother Zeke, with the season four animators detailing how they were able to bring this gruesome scene to life. , which saw Eren literally losing his mind, to life.

The director of the last season of The attack of the Titans, Yuichiro Hayashi, went into great detail about creating this terrifying scene, saying it was the scene he “invested the most of his energy” in, as Gabi went wild with a salvo that nearly ended the trip. from Eren Jaeger:

“In fact, it was in this scene that I invested the most energy. Eren’s head is cut off… the whole sequence looks like a series of slow motion clips. In this scene, there is a moment as if time stops after his head. flies away. When I read the manga, I didn’t realize that time had stopped. This is because the manga is a unique drawing. But even in the anime it’s quite difficult to hold time, and most of the time they just hold the frame by separating a cell and Cell B. I thought it was difficult to express it with one drawing .”

Hayashi also expanded on the use of smoke during this pivotal battlefield moment, which added a much-needed level of contrast:

“Therefore, I decided to express the still moment by using smoke that fills the screen during battle. Smoke fills the air, but when the weather stops, the cloudy sky becomes totally clear. Like a clear winter air. That’s how I contrast… We tried all kinds of things in there… Everyone worked really hard and it turned out wonderful.”

If you haven’t watched the full interview that features the season four director alongside CG producer Yusuke Tannawa, you can watch it below:

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