Attack On Titan Director Explains How An Anime All-Star Team Created Netflix’s Bubble

The attack of the Titans‘s Tetsuro Araki sat down with your namefrom Genki Kawamura to discuss how they assembled an all-star team of anime legends to help create Wit Studio’s next original animated film Bubble for Netflix.

As reported by Anime News Networkit was revealed in a brand new video which Bubble came to fruition after Araki, who is the director of the film, contacted Kawamura to make a film together. Araki explained that he was interested in working with Kawamura because he had a lot of experience in directing films and shows aimed at a wider audience. Being a fan of Araki’s directing work on The attack of the TitansKawamura agreed to produce the film, and the two spent around six months brainstorming what Bubble should be approx. A concept illustration drawn by Araki of a mechanical little mermaid in post-apocalyptic Tokyo quickly formed the basis of these discussions, as Araki and Kawamura devised a plot around the idea of ​​a futuristic underwater adventure. .

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Gen Urobuchi, who has worked on series such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Psycho Pass, was later hired as a screenwriter to develop and unravel the sci-fi elements of the film. Urobuchi had done uncredited work about 10 years ago on guilty crown, a dystopian action anime series directed by Araki. Kawamura was keen to collaborate with Urobuchi because he liked his writing on Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Takeshi Obata, who has worked on series such as Death threat and end of platinumwas also recruited as Bubblethe original character creator. While he initially rejected the offer to work on the film due to his busy schedule, Obata accepted the role after learning what the film would be about. “He’s both mainstream and has an eye for art, so I’ve always wanted to work with him,” Kawamura said.

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Considering the all-star anime creative team that was assembled for the film, Kawamura’s description that Bubble is “a festival of creators involved with director Araki” seems fitting. Araki’s passion project aimed to bring people whose work is universally loved on board to see what would happen if these geniuses worked together to create something.

Set in a Tokyo that has been sealed off from the rest of the world after gravity-defying bubbles rain down from the sky, Bubble follows Hibiki, a master of the unique style of parkour that young people practice in town due to the violation of the laws of gravity. After falling into the gravity-defying sea that surrounds Tokyo, the young ace is rescued by Uta, a mysterious girl with equally mysterious powers. Together, they embark on an epic adventure to unlock the secrets of their town after hearing a strange noise that only they hear.

Bubble is set to premiere worldwide on Netflix on April 28.

Source: Youtube Going through Anime News Network


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