Attack On Titan Director Reignites Animation Debate After Working 72 Hours Straight

Attack on Titan: The Final Season – Part 2Animation studio MAPPA is again under fire for allegedly overworking its employees.

According to Social media frag, in a now-deleted tweet that was originally posted on February 7, director and episode host Teruyuki Omine said “I came home for the first time in three days…”, implying that he was in the office and worked on the show for 72 hours straight. Omine received supportive responses from fans of the series telling him to rest and the host has since deleted the tweet, but the simple statement has renewed discussions about the work culture of the anime industry and in in particular, the frequent criticisms that the animators leveled at the animation. MAPPA studio.

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In 2021, veteran animator Ippei Ichii criticized MAPPA and its frequent collaborator, streaming giant Netflix, for underpaying animators who worked on the two companies’ productions. An anonymous animator previously alleged that the studio was working its animators under “factory conditions” and forcing them to work “until the sun comes up”, while another animator criticized the management of the company for taking on too many projects at once. MAPPA has publicly denied the allegations and said it offers its artists “fair rates”. The studio has since attempted to improve its image and attract new talent by opening a new office in Ogikubo with more employee amenities and offering artists working on its next Chainsaw Man pay rates and adjustment benefits above the industry average.

In addition to The attack of the Titans and Chainsaw ManMAPPA currently has many other anime projects in production, including the upcoming new season of Jujutsu Kaisenthe next dramatic ballet Dance Dance Dancerthe Kakegurui Twin spin-off series for Netflix and films based on Yuri on ice and The Zombie Country Saga.

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MAPPA is not the only anime studio to be criticized for overworking its employees. Kiminori Ito, who is currently working as an animation director on studio CloverWorks’ action series Tokyo’s 24th Ward, publicly criticized the management of the studio on his personal Twitter account. “The program is crap, reminiscent of the dark history of CloverWorks,” they wrote. Ito also hinted that they had to put long hours into their project and said, “I’m on a sinking ship! We are about to sink!”

In February 2021, The New York Times published a report indicating that full-time animators in Japan earn as little as $200 per month. While the anime industry is currently booming, the report predicts a potential crash due to a continued exodus of experienced talent, who are leaving the anime industry in favor of better paid and less stressful careers. in other areas. Legislation is currently being discussed in Japan that would impose stricter regulations on how the anime and manga industry treats its employees.

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Source: Social media frag Going through Anime News Network

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