Attack On Titan: Each main hero, ranked by value

Courage helps classify characters in Attack the titans into two categories: those who fight their fears and those who surrender to their monsters, internal or not. The latter cannot, and should not, be judged for the decisions they make, because the tumultuous world they inhabit does not care much about morality, integrity, or even common courtesy.

However, this does not mean that all the characters in the story are as capricious and interested as the worst of humanity. Courage appears in various forms in Attack the titansFrom emotional to physical to everything in between, but all versions of bravery can be considered essentially the same for narrative purposes.

Manga spoilers below

10 Eren decides to subdue the world with terrorism

Eren Jaeger is not exactly a coward, but the path he travels is drenched in blood and suffering, something that no true hero is capable of inflicting on anyone, least of all the people he loves. Unable to find an acceptable solution to the Titans’ problem, Eren chooses to subdue everyone by terrorizing them to comply.

His actions help keep Paradis safe, but almost certainly put his nation in the spotlight of the world. In his defense, however, Eren acknowledges his incomplete vision and attempts to make amends for his mistake before dying.

9 Bertholdt doesn’t always practice the composure he preachesattack on titan cada heroe principal clasificado por su valor 1

Bertholdt demonstrates the power of composure during his time in the Scout Regiment, impressing his teammates and supervisors alike with his common sense. She is the first person to reassure Reiner when he enters one of his characteristic identity crisis, insisting that having a clear head is the first step in overcoming fear.

Unfortunately, Bertholdt doesn’t always practice what he preaches. When he’s about to be eaten by Armin’s Pure Titan, he writhes and screams in fear before begging Annie and Reiner to save him from his doom.

8 Reiner’s bravery is meaningless without the willpower behind itattack on titan cada heroe principal clasificado por su valor 2

Reiner’s state of mind breaks down every time he commits an atrocity against his fellow scouts, ironically illustrating his nobility of character. The only problem is that Reiner’s virtues are buried deep in his unconscious mind, so he accepts his role as Warrior despite his internal conflicts.

He understands that his town will never be more than a lower class in Marley’s eyes, and yet this does not prevent him from doing his best to secure a quiet life for his family. Reiner’s bravery is obvious, but it doesn’t make sense without the willpower behind it.

7 Porco’s audacity is even more apparent when faced with certain deathattack on titan cada heroe principal clasificado por su valor 3

Although Porco Galliard reeks of a superiority complex when it comes to his control over the Titan of the Jaw, his accomplishments reveal that he is an experienced warrior with combat prowess.

His battle with Eren’s Attack Titan shows just how far Porco is willing to go, even if it means losing his limbs in the process. Porco’s pride is partly responsible for his downfall, but no one can deny the young man’s great audacity in the face of certain death.

6 Levi’s ribs are forged from ultra-hard steelattack on titan cada heroe principal clasificado por su valor 4

Levi Ackermann’s indifferent character is the result of his upbringing. His uncle Kenny raises him for a brief period before abandoning the young man to his fate.

Despite his external coldness, Levi deeply appreciates his squad, which explains his pained expression upon learning of his death. His strength, dexterity, and swordsmanship are so advanced that they might as well be magical, but none of them would be of value if not for his nerves of ultra-hard steel.

5 Hange sacrifices himself for others to liveattack on titan cada heroe principal clasificado por su valor 5

Hange Zoë’s playful charm gradually diminishes throughout the series, but her intelligence and rationality remain as shocking as ever. They aren’t ashamed to admit their weaknesses, especially their fear of the unknown, which is what makes Hange such a brave character in the first place.

They distract the Rumorous Colossal Titans at the cost of their lives, satisfied that their friends would take care of the rest. Hange’s sacrifice is one of the deepest moments of Attack on Titan.

4 Armin’s bravery shines brightest when facing his closest friendsattack on titan cada heroe principal clasificado por su valor 6

Armin may love Eren more than anyone else in the world, but his love for the world outweighs his personal feelings. Unlike Eren, who destroys humanity to save a small fraction of the world’s population, Armin refuses to consider death as an option (as long as it can be logistically avoided).

Armin’s bravery shines especially in times of conflict with his closest allies, demonstrating, like Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter, that it takes “so much [valentía] to face our friends. “

3 Gabi’s self-belief allows her to perform almost miraculous acts of boldnessattack on titan cada heroe principal clasificado por su valor 7

Gabi Braun’s excessive belligerence is quite irritating to those around her, as she drives her superiors on edge with her inability to follow orders. As an example of Marley’s anti-European indoctrination, Gabi wields incoherent arguments in support of her decisions, blocking the way for anyone who dares deny her version of the truth.

At the same time, Gabi’s conviction is so powerful that it leads her to perform almost miraculous acts of boldness, from killing Sasha Braus to “executing” Eren Jaeger.

2 Erwin’s value does not decline because of anything or anyoneattack on titan cada heroe principal clasificado por su valor 8

Erwin Smith is smart, cunning, and always has a contingency plan (or ten) for any situation. Under his leadership, the Scout Regiment becomes one of the most powerful military / political entities in Paradis.

It can be argued that Erwin’s careful planning paves the way for the story’s conclusion, but his audacity is easily his most notable feature. When caught in his mouth by a Titan, Erwin doesn’t scream in pain or beg for his life. Instead, he lets out inspiring war cries to cheer up his nervous subordinates.

1 Mikasa Ackermann completes the scariest mission of allattack on titan cada heroe principal clasificado por su valor 9

From the introduction, Mikasa introduces herself as Eren’s best friend and his personal bodyguard, a dual role that she fulfills her best. Although the origin of her love for Eren is unclear, the fact that Mikasa agrees to kill him at the end of the story is proof of her steadfastness.

Taking Eren’s life is his final test, and it also helps Ymir Fritz achieve closure after 18 centuries of psychological agony. That said, Eren will always remain a part of Mikasa’s heart and soul.