Attack On Titan Episode 78 Releases Synopsis, First Images

The attack of the Titans has been busy behind the scenes in season four, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. This week released the most recent episode of the season, and it won’t be long before episode 78 goes live. And now we got our first look at the release with some stills and a full synopsis.

The information was shared in Japan by The attack of the Titansthe website of. This is where Episode 78 was teased, so you can find the blurb for “Two Brothers” below:

“The two giants, the Beast Titan and the Founding Titan, hold the key to this situation as the struggle between humanity spreads. What awaits these brothers as their thoughts and memories collide?”

As for his still, fans saw a photo of Falco being dragged through town. The poor boy is terrified as his older brother Grice leads him off to battle. After all, the older soldier is desperate to stop Falco from turning into a Titan, and Zeke plans to do just that. Grice hopes he can change his friend’s mind if he shows up with Falco, but it seems the Yeager brothers will do just about anything to see their cause through. And if that means Falco is lost, well, so be it.

Under the direction of Teruyuki Omine, The attack of the Titans episode 78 seems to become one of the best of the series. So if you haven’t caught up with season four yet, you’ll want to do so ASAP before this new release drops in the US on Sunday.

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