Attack on Titan episode 78 review, now available on Crunchyroll

Criticism of episode 78 of Attack on the Titans, which is getting more and more refined towards its final stretch and explodes completely with a shocking twist.

Like every Sunday night, and at least for a few more months, yesterday it premiered on Crunchyroll a new chapter of Attack the titans. we are going for the episode 78 anime, on the 19th of this fourth and final season.

We are fully in the final stretch of the animated adaptation of the manga by Hajime Isayama, and in each new chapter we are reminded of all that is at stake. The previous two episodes have balanced each other giving importance to action and combat and plot development, with a run that has almost culminated in this 78th episode, “Two brothers”.

The previous episodes they continued with the attack of the army of Marley on Paradís. The “Jaegers”, a faction of the military created around Eren Jaeger, have taken control of the island and try to defend Eren at all costs so that he can carry out his plan. Mikasa, Armin, Connie and Jean in principle they have joined them, albeit reluctantly.

Meanwhile, the military of Paradís defend the city from attack, although some have consumed the spinal fluid of Zeke and they are under the threat of being turned into titans at any moment. In the middle of all this, Rainer and Porco they keep trying to restrain Eren from meeting Zeke and activating the Founding Titan’s powers.

So far everyone up to date? Well, as with the previous reviews, rest assured that we are not going to spoil anything from this new chapter of Attack the titans, but we warn you that curves are coming and that things get even more complicated.

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As we told you above, the previous chapter of the anime was in charge of putting many pieces on the board and letting the characters plan, and these plans have begun to bear fruit.

From MAPPA they are taking their time to develop each chapter, and especially everything that is happening during the duel between Reiner and Eren. Again, the animation is one of the strongest dishes of anime, with an impeccable finish and a very subtle use of CGI that is perfectly camouflaged.

attack on titan episode 78

Especially, the clashes between the Titans are impressive and massive, and MAPPA continues to make them look like earth-shattering creatures. Of course, calm down that although we have enough action, this does not eat up the entire chapter and there are quite a few fat bumps within the development of the plot of the story.

It is attack on titan episode 78 is one that readers of the manga have been waiting for a long time, as it finally gives us a better look at the relationship between Zeke and Eren and their plans to euthanize all Eldians by making them sterile.

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It is difficult to talk about this episode without gutting some of the biggest points, but we can tell you that it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful episodes of all anime, with a very, very careful and sweeping cinematography.

MAPPA manages to very intelligently adapt one of the key scenes of the manga, in which he also uses a three-dimensional projection so that we can see all the characters at that moment, moving the camera around practically the entire city in an absolutely incredible shot.

attack on titan episode 78
attack on titan episode 78

We must also tell you that although the readers of the manga were indeed waiting for this moment, it will surprise the fans who only follow the anime and It may be that the twist of this key scene does not sit well with the fans of a certain character and what it implies for his future.

“Two brothers” is a very careful episode, and with impressive acting work by the voice actors that ends up giving a lot of emotion to everything that is happening. It’s a chapter with a lot of twists and turns, and while it focuses a lot on Zeke and Eren it also seems to move further into telling us more about Founder Ymir and the true power of the Titans in the following episodes.

That yes, MAPPA has the point very taken in terms of rhythm and again leaves us with honey on the lips just when something important is about to happen, so prepare for another week of fat cliffhanger and theories about what may happen next .

And it is that since the premiere of this last part of the anime, fans of Attack the titans They have only theorized about whether the anime could have a different ending than the manga, and certain details that have been seen during the chapter could indicate that this prediction would come true.

attack on titan episode 78

Also to say that although the proposal for a different ending is interesting, we still do not have enough details to confirm if this could finally happen on screen.

It is estimated that there are still 9 episodes of this fourth and final season to be broadcast, and the prediction that we cannot avoid is that with the slow but successful rhythm that MAPPA has, there is still a lot of the manga to adapt.

For now the adaptation of the manga has been very faithful, with only 9 episodes ahead and about 19 of the manga to adapt, it should not be ruled out that they will surprise us soon with the announcement of a movie or more episodes to close the anime with a good brooch