Attack On Titan Episode 83 Synopsis Releases TechRadar

The attack of the Titans brought back season four earlier this year, and it’s gearing up for its final set of episodes. After a decade on the air, Eren’s journey is coming to an end and there’s a lot to do before Hajime Isayama can put the series to rest. By now, a host of those gaps are being filled in The Rumbling spinoff, and the first synopsis for Episode 83 has even more to tease.

The official Attack on Titan website updated fans on Episode 83 not too long ago when its timeline page refreshed. This is where fans saw a photo of the The attack of the Titans episode, and the following synopsis was made public to start:

“An advancing army of Titans will soon overwhelm the unsuspecting world. Will all his soldiers and warriors watching them stand still or rise? The feelings of two of those soldiers in the forest are already set in stone.”

(Photo: MAPPA)

As you can see above, the still included for episode 83 is telling. It shows Connie and Falco as Attack on Titan has just sent the pair on their own little quest. Connie lured Falco on a mission away from everyone else, and anime fans know that nothing good can come from the quest. After all, Connie isn’t in the best headspace right now, and Falco isn’t aware of the danger his eldest poses right now.

Sure, The attack of the Titans readers know exactly what is going on. After learning that Falco has inherited the Jaw Titan, Connie becomes obsessed with feeding the boy with his mother in his home village. The messy exchange rocks Connie, but Falco is saved by Armin who hatches his friend’s plan. This all happens while Eren leads his army of colossal Titans to Marley with genocide in mind. So if you were hoping for a reprieve anytime soon, don’t expect season four to drop one.

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