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Today the fans of Your Name are celebrating a very special day, April 8, 2022, and to further celebrate this unique and unrepeatable moment, nothing like this beautiful fanart of Attack on Titan where Eren and Mikasa recreate the most emotional scene of the Makoto Shinkai movie.

If you are wondering what happens on April 8, 2022 and why it is so special, well, in a nutshell I will tell you that today is the day that Mitsuha and Taki would meet again in Tokyo after several years. Event that occurs in the final scene of the film, although the date as such was not specified until the launch of the manga.

if you have seen Your Name, then you will know how emotional this moment was and why today is an important day for those who enjoyed this feature film so much. Likewise, if you have seen Attack on Titan and you are aware of the complex relationship between Eren and Mikasa, then you will understand even more why this fanart is so beautiful, great and perfect for today.

Your name is…? | Photo: Twitter – @_sweetspicy_

Your name is… | Photo: Twitter – @_sweetspicy_

As you can see, the protagonists of Hajime Isayama’s work are recreating the final scene of Kimi no Nawathe one in the famous stairs with red railings of the Suga Shrine which is where Mitsuha and Taki finally meet again.

It should be noted that a fanart had already been created in the past recreating the style of the members of the Reconnaissance Legion with their look from the third season, where Eren still kept his short hair and Mikasa his “little mushroom” hair, which is from fact that we can see in the first photograph.

But now a new version has arrived that you can see in the second image where Eren already wears his long hair and Mikasa has short hair just like in the Final Season of SNK, fact that makes it even cooler.

What do you think of this fanart of Attack on Titan x Your Name with Mikasa and Eren?


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