Attack on Titan: Eren’s 10 Biggest Failures, Ranked

Eren Jaeger de Attack the titans he wears the mantle of the protagonist when he begins his journey; however, his actions, attitude, and ambition as an adult fall into the antagonist category. He insists that his decision is the correct one, that eradicating the Titans (and later the entire world) is the way of salvation.

The manga concludes with an uneasy stalemate between Paradis and everyone else, not to mention that Eren keeps his promise to keep his friends safe, so maybe he’s not entirely wrong. Of course, he is wrong too many times along the way.

10 Eren Accepts The Jaegerists As Essential To His Plan

Floch Forster’s manic devotion to Eren’s vision is a source of conflict within the Scout Regiment, which the Scout Regiment inevitably loses when the Jaegerists accumulate enough followers to assert their position.

Although advertised as a rebellion against convention, the Jaegeristas are actually far from revolutionary fighters, resorting to cheap tactics to instill a sense of fear in their opponents. Eren realizes this beforehand, but decides to trust them to fulfill his goals.

9 Ask Historia to eat it and finish it offataque a los titanes los 10 mayores fracasos de eren clasificados 1

Eren becomes desperate when he learns of Rod Reiss’s proposal for him, paradoxically agreeing to be eaten by Historia as part of his fate. At this point, his Attack Titan is a major asset to the Explorers, making his behavior shameful and disloyal, both to Paradis and himself.

Historia firmly vetoes his father’s order, but Eren demands that he comply because he wants to free himself from the many burdens he carries. It also doesn’t take into account how Armin and Mikasa would feel if this scenario actually happened.

8 Eren allows Levi’s main team to be killed for no reasonataque a los titanes los 10 mayores fracasos de eren clasificados 2

Levi and his Special Operations Squad assure Eren that he will be safe with them, a credible claim given that Petral, Oluo, Gunther, and Eld are among the strongest anti-Titan warriors of the scouts.

Unfortunately, Eren’s confidence in his abilities inadvertently causes his death at the hands of the Female Titan. Rather than stay on course, he opts to transform and defeat his enemy, forcing Levi and Mikasa to pursue and rescue him.

7 Destroy Hundreds of Innocent Marleyan Livesataque a los titanes los 10 mayores fracasos de eren clasificados 3

At the end of his secret mission in Liberio, Eren’s Attack Titan rampages through the festival hosted by Willy Tybur, hoping to add more of the Nine Titans to his inventory.

In the process, large numbers of people are killed, including children and the elderly, all to support Eren’s strange cause. To call this event a failure would be to underestimate the situation: it is a human rights disaster more than anything else.

6 Eren kindles the flames of revolution in his enemiesataque a los titanes los 10 mayores fracasos de eren clasificados 4

Eren is aware that being the cause of death and wanton destruction is only going to make his enemies hate him more, but this understanding does not hinder his plans.

The Liberio massacre is directly responsible for Gabi’s rage, a unique revenge that leads to the murder of Sasha Braus. By hurting others, Eren only adds fuel to the fire of anti-Elder fanaticism that has been burning for centuries.

5 Force your loved ones to clean up their messataque a los titanes los 10 mayores fracasos de eren clasificados 5

Eren gleefully ignores the consequences of everything he does, no matter how much trouble he creates for his loved ones. Trust that they will always be there to back you up when needed, whether it’s to help you escape or to fight on your behalf.

Eren leaves a trail of blood behind him, due to his unwavering certainty that his friends will take care of the “inconsequential” matters that he could not take care of.

4 Eren Tricks Ymir the Founder Without Really Acknowledging Her Sufferingataque a los titanes los 10 mayores fracasos de eren clasificados 6

Ymir’s suffering for 17 centuries does not matter to Eren, as he believes that his ultimate goal would also be his freedom. However, the fact that he cruelly tricks Ymir into authorizing his access to the Founding Titan by reminding him of his misery is downright disgraceful. Although technically Eren succeeds in this case, it is an ethical failure of enormous proportions.

3 Openly declare war on the worldataque a los titanes los 10 mayores fracasos de eren clasificados 7

Eren is in favor of genocide, a stance he stubbornly reiterates throughout the series. Neither common sense nor decency is capable of changing your mind, which is quite telling.

Eren doesn’t expect anyone else to help him carry out the mass extermination of humans, but that doesn’t make any difference to the overall scheme of things. Once he announces his intention to sacrifice the world to his whims, there is nowhere else to go but down for Eren.

2 Eren rejects alternative paths to peaceataque a los titanes los 10 mayores fracasos de eren clasificados 8

Zeke Jaeger offers a significantly kinder alternative to global carnage, regulating the powers of the Founding Titan in such a way that the Eldian race is eradicated.

This plan does not involve any kind of death, only the “sterilization” of Eldian individuals so that they are unable to maintain their population, gradually dying over the next few decades. Although Zeke’s idea is a moral quagmire in itself, the Rumbling is incalculably worse in all respects.

1 he is unable to save Paradis from himselfataque a los titanes los 10 mayores fracasos de eren clasificados 9

Following Eren’s death, the world begins to recover from an unprecedented amount of damage, reaching a point of relative equilibrium in three years. A few heroes of the final battle are sent to Paradis to open channels for international discourse, mainly due to the disconcerting discovery that the Jaegeristas have seized power.

This means that Eren’s dream of protecting his people is not exactly fulfilled, considering that Paradis is almost on the brink of civil war. The Eldian race could become their worst enemy.