Attack On Titan Execs Address Anime Transfer From WIT To MAPPA

The attack of the Titans season four is back and its final set of episodes are on the horizon. Eren and his friends will be ending their journey at the end of this season, so fans are digging into each episode before moving on to the next. Of course, that means fans discovered a rather interesting gap between parts one and two of season four, and its executives say the difference had to happen.

Fans were made aware of the discrepancy between the parts when a lengthy interview with director Yuichiro Hayashi was posted online. This is where the season four director chatted with CGI producer Yusuke Tannawa, and the pair said the first part suffered from the crew’s lack of familiarity with the anime.

“When we were opening, we didn’t have much time to prepare. So in my mind I was still really trying to figure out what The attack of the Titans is all about its creation. After finishing the first part, I moved on to making the second part and felt that I had become much more familiar with The attack of the Titansso I really think I was able to direct more comfortably,” Yuichiro said.

Additionally, Tannawa said his team struggled to find a style for themselves as they only knew The attack of the Titans under another studio. But as work continued, Tannawa and the other producers were able to create their own aesthetic for season four.

“When we started the first part, we only knew Wit Studio The attack of the Titans. Of course, we watched and studied it a lot, but we can’t do exactly the same, and when we finished the first part, we had an idea of ​​what we could do with Attack on Titan. So when it came time to do part two, we thought about what kind of preparations we should make, given what we did well, what we were criticized for, and how we can develop our strengths.”

To date, MAPPA has developed its own formula for success in The attack of the Titans, and fans are obsessed. Part two has received near-universal praise, and netizens are eager to see where the show goes from here. So if you had any concerns about the show’s finale, well – MAPPA wants you to know their team has it all covered!

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