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Fans of Attack on Titan they await with excitement final chapters of the anime, arriving in early 2022. There is good news for all fans of Hajime Isayama and his work, as the franchise will be adapted to a new game.

Is about Attack on Titan: Brave Order, a degree in the hands of the Enish studio, specialized in title for mobile devices. So the new game of Attack on Titan is in development for iOS and Android.

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Reveal first details of Attack on Titan: Brave Order

Enish revealed very few details of his new project based on the popular Isayama franchise. For now we know that Attack on Titan: Brave Order It will be a multiplayer RPG with a cooperative approach.

The project is in development and will have a simultaneous release on iOS and Android devices. Attack on Titan: Brave Order It will feature the most iconic characters in the series, so players will join Eren, Mikasa and company to fight the Titans.

The focus of the title is to offer matches for many players at the same time, so that a large number of fans will be able to fight as a team against the Titans. On the other hand, it was confirmed that the title will feature voice acting.

As of this writing, the studio has only revealed a teaser site, where the project logo is visible. Also, it is announced that there will be more information soon, so probably in a few days we can see a gameplay.

Enish is expected to share the first trailer to show in detail the mechanics of this cooperative title. It is likely that it will also reveal information about the launch of the title, as its world premiere has not been confirmed for now.

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As we know more about Attack on Titan: Brave Order, we recommend you visit this link to know all the news about the franchise.

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