Attack on Titan fans argue over this peculiar mistake in the anime

Attack on Titan is considered by many to be the best anime of all time, and of course the story that Hajime Isayama’s work deals with is said of said recognition, however, not everything is perfect, at least not in the animated series because exists a rather particular error that according to some of the fans, makes no sense.

What is the most important thing in Attack on Titan? Probably the story of Eren, or that of the founder Ymir, although the most emblematic and striking of this series are obviously the titans and the battles that have been fought with and between them. Like for example, the battle between the protagonist’s Attack Titan and Bretolt’s Colossal Titan that now belongs to Armin, which has a unique detail in the anime.

Which? One described by Reddit user u/Dan_ErwinSmith who claims that there is a recurring error in the franchise Shingeki no Kyojin related to the “perception of dimensionsthat is to say with the sizes of the characters, essentially of the titans that definitely do not coincide but not at all.

There is a small error in the sizes of the characters | Photo: Wit Studio

The Reddit user commented the following:

“This makes no sense. Bertolt’s Colossal Titan measures 60 meters, while Eren’s Attack Titan measures 15 meters. Eren should be up to his knees, not just his ankles.” something that certainly makes sense because it seems from the perspective of this image that Eren is about four or five meters tall. Just see the relationship of her height with the buildings on the sides, with more than 10 meters she should be above or at least at the height of the roofs.

Within the same Reddit, another user replied in the same post: “This is supported by the manga, where Eren can be seen wrapping himself around Bertie’s shin.” While another Attack on Titan fan added to the inconsistency of this error by adding: “Eren’s Attack Titan changes size as he wants. When the scouts were on his shoulder they were up to his head, but then you see him lift a goddamn ship and it’s like 1/3 the size of him.”.

What do you think about this mistake in the anime of Attack on Titan? Have you noticed it before?


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