Attack On Titan Fans Can’t Top Armin’s Glow Up Anime

The last season of The attack of the Titans put all of the Scout Regiment in a rather difficult situation, having to choose a side between their former friend Eren Jaeger and his Jaegerists and the forces of Marley, including Reiner and the other Titans seeking the destruction of Paradis. While there’s a lot to think about with the latest installment, as Eren and Zeke get closer to making contact and accessing the power of the Founding Titan, some fans can’t believe how far Armin has come. over the years in Hajime Isayama’s dark franchise.

Armin’s true power has always come from his intellect and his ability to map the battlefield, with the Survey Corps choosing to save his life over Erwin’s in the final episodes of the third season of the series. anime. With the clever member of the Scouts inheriting the power of the Colossal Titan after swallowing Bertholdt, the Eldian has only shown the power once so far at the start of season four when he aided Eren in his attack. against the nation of Marley. With Eren Jaeger drifting further into the realm of villainy, Armin may have seen a glimmer, but his toughest days may yet lie ahead of him as the series nears its finale.

Twitter user Armins_Kitten shared a number of images of Armin throughout the dark series created by mangaka Hajime Isayama, showing how far the soldier of the scout regiment has come since the beginning of the series when Armin and his friends were just children with no idea of ​​the dangers that lay outside their island:

Although Armin has used his wits to overcome many challenges in the past, the later episodes of the series will put him to task as he not only has to worry about Marley’s soldiers, but Eren as well. Needless to say, Armin will also have to deal with significant deaths, as the battle between Marley and Paradis continues to escalate, with the original members of the Survey Corps struggling to figure out the best tactic to adopt in the near future. .

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