Attack on Titan featured the return of two beloved characters in its latest episode – The Third

Like every Sunday, the last chapter of Attack on Titan did not leave anyone indifferent. Episode 82, called “Sunset”, picked up the events after the rumble of the titans.

For example, there you could see annie managing to thaw out of the glass in which she had been locked up for the last four years. But there were also other situations that were just as striking for the fans.

Watch out below, because you are going to see spoilers for the last episode.

As Annie was part of Marley’s plan to retrieve the Founder Titan, she is considered an enemy by the Eldians. With that in mind, hitch of the military police finds her and the two have a brief face-to-face. But seeing how tired Annie was, the eldian frees her and they talk about the true intentions of the bearer of the Female Titan, which is to reunite with her adoptive father.

The chapter also sees Falco beside Conny en route to Ragako, his native village. Falco is awake at that time and Connie lies to him telling him that she is taking him to a hospital, when in reality she hopes that the child will be devoured by his mother, who is a titan, so that she becomes human again.

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For its part, my house and Jean are in Shingashina, watching as Floch Forster seizes power of the island while assassinating anti-Marleyan volunteers. Armin, for his part, goes in search of Connie to try to convince him that her mother does not eat Falco.

However, the biggest surprise of the chapter came at the end, when we see that the commander Theo Magath and the carrier of the Cargo Titan, Pieck Finger, discuss the events of the Rumble as they watch the blimps desperately return to Marley. At that time, they are interrupted by the commander of the Reconnaissance Legion, Hange Zoe.

The Marleyans react with violence, but Hange tells them that she is unarmed with a “badly wounded man.” It is there that she shows her face Levi after seven episodes, which is bandaged and apparently unconscious.

Attack on Titan featured the return of two beloved characters

The last time fans saw Captain Levi was in the first episode of this second part of the final season, after Zeke caused an explosion by becoming a titan. Levi was found by Floch and a group of Jaegers who were taking Hange prisoner. The commander took advantage of the distraction of Zeke’s appearance to flee with Levi’s body into a stream. And until that time nothing was known about the soldiers of the Legion until now.

At the moment, it seems that Levi is not dead, but his left eye is badly damaged. How did Levi survive the explosion that almost killed Zeke? Will Hange join the Marleyans? All these doubts will be resolved in the next episode of Shingeki no Kyojin.